Roulette's spinning, the wheel of distinction, Darwin's selected you, for total extiction I'm everything you think is wrong with the world, I'm slutty, dirty, little girl.. beaten and scared and mangled, came for love, stayed and strangle... Crown that serpents Proclaim the King Now you went to bend the wrong thing Where everything is wrong and everything is right and everything is wrong and everything is right. The cracks are showin' through Well I've got a message for you There's something changing inside But I know it's a little late. Lick your daughter suck your son Inside, I'm the truly Holy one. Everything that you should stay away from. Infectious, it's all infected The disease is liberated, lurking just out or sight.. we're gonna make it fit in real tight.... a little closer said the spider to the fly... The cracks are showing through Well I've got a message for you There's somethign changing inside But I know it's not right... I am nothing you are nothing we are nothing I am nothing you are nothing we are nothing(x4) nothing at all I am nothing you are nothing we are nothing(x3) nothing at all and it seals inside...

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Jesus Christ Porno Star song meanings
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    General Commentmaybe this song is about the corrruption of religion today? just a guess.
    iodineon March 28, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI think the religion aspect of this song is obvious in the title and lyrics, but I always got the feeling this song was more coming from the perspective of an anti-christ or false deity.

    Zimp, I understand what youre saying religion is away of life and asking why to stay away from it, but think about that, satanism is considered a religion, should we stay away from it?

    I do not think this song is telling us to stay away from religion, but to be more weary of the religion topic and to think for ourselves instead of sending all our money in to the first tele-evangilist on tv telling you to send it all to him.
    Creationon June 12, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song sounds like he is telling people he is the truley holy god (or God) and you should stay away from religion because it changes you into something worse. I dont really agree with the lyrics, that is just what it sounds like to me. Religion is a way of life, so should we stay away from life.. i would hope not. What do you people think this song means?
    zimpon March 21, 2003   Link

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