"Privacy Invasion" as written by Wattie Buchan and The Exploited,....
You're led to think we're free, a democratic race Told of equal rights well that's just not the case It couldn't happen to a democratic nation Afraid we've got it now a privacy invasion Afghanistan's the last time, Poland's next in line Lock you in a prison throw you in a mine Argentina last year 2000 people dead 1986 invasion of the head A PRIVACY INVASION It's good to know you're thought of, it's good someone should care It's good to know you're trusted but not to know they're there Too late to shut your curtains they've caught you unaware They're not at your window man, they're sitting in your chair A privacy invasion of the head

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"Privacy Invasion" as written by Wattie Buchan

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    General CommentQuis custodiet custodes ipsos? WHO WATCHES THE WATCHERS?

    Bruce Schneier, my idol, says watch someone long enough and you'll find something to arrest- or at least blackmail them with. Privacy is important because without it the information gathered can be abused to peep, to sell to marketers and to spy on enemies. (Whoever they happen to be at the time.) And whose enemy was I? Privacy protects us from abuses by those in "power". Privacy is a basic human need. It is intrinsic to the concept of liberty. We need to champion privacy, EVEN WHEN WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. (Just like me! I have nothing to hide! Bring it!) Do you have things you want to hide? I think so!

    I realize a number is attached to my computer and I will secure you advertising accounts from Barney's, Neiman Marcus and Tory Burch. No problem. My gift to you. I also realize that anything I say on a "public" web forum can be used as material for lyrics. No problem again. I have no trouble with this. It is fine with me.

    But to get stalked? To get screwed with in "reality"? To have people know who I am from logging in anonymously to songmeaning.net and send me dead animals? To receive unwanted products and magazine subscriptions and crazy phone calls? NOT OKAY. To have my new friend pepper the conversation with phrases and words I have only used anonymously on songmeanings.net and tell me about people in the world who are "Very, very bad" is a total invasion of privacy. It is not legal. And it all happened here on this site.
    NotVengeanceJustJusticeon August 11, 2010   Link

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