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Eternal Wait Lyrics

Over the forgotten sea
Voice of angel is calling for me
Somewhere, where the mountains collide
That's where I'll find my new life

I have carried this burden so long for you
that nothing but sorrow I feel
I have let myself believe
that nothing would hurt deeper than the truth

Never has the wind blown like thousand years ago
Everything that I've known has left me on my own
Never have I felt the rain fall down like the burning flames
All I see is the face of eternal wait

I hear your silent cry
lost in the rainy night
No reason to life for
one reason to die for

I am the one who has fallen into the path of shadows
(and that road never seems to end)
I am the one who has drowned into the river of tears

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Apr 23, 2002
8 Meanings
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Pretty simply someone is suffering and he wants to start a new life, have a second change.. In the other hand, Jari Mäenpää has said that he doesn't try to say anything with hes lyrics, but thats what it means to me.. amazing song

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Yes, a melodical masterpiece... Just as Ensiferum's other songs are.

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Okay, this is what I think. This is about a man or woman. I feel like it's a man but that's probably just because I am one. Someone close to them, probably a partner, has died. Naturally, they hear from everyone and want to believe that they will see their loved one again in heaven, but deep in their thoughts they feel that it really isn't true. They'll never see their loved one again. They'll endure an Eternal Wait!

A few revealing lines for this theory, I think:

Voice of angel is calling for me; Like a lost loved one?

that nothing would hurt deeper than the truth; The truth that they'll never see them again?

Never has the wind blown like thousand years ago; Never have they felt alive since what seems like so long ago (being with this person)

Well I could talk about every line, but I won't.

That's my theory.

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Good stuff. Pretty melodic, indeed.

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This song always reminded me that perhaps it's about someone waiting for someone to come back and knows the person is dead, but doesn't feel they want to admit it. But the lyric 'that's where I'll find my new life', wouldn't fit with my theory so I think Woro's theory could make sense. Either way, agreeing with Kurdt_Kobane, a melodical masterpiece.. C=

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I think it is about a man who has lived through many generations, and probably many more, watching all the people he meets fade away, feeling sorrow time and time again, and once again he must leave to start a "new" life to, well, avoid suspicion I guess as to why he never ages, and he's waiting for the one person who can accept him for being what he is...

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That's a fabulous theory and I love it.

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Reminds me of the poem 'Tithonus' by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

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