"From Afar" as written by Markus Aleksi Toivonen, Sami Tapio Hinkka, Janne Olavi Parviainen, Emmi Silvennoinen and Petri Lindroos....
A raven came to me
Spoke to me in my dream
A long lost prophecy
A forgotten legacy

Echoes of yesterday
Won't let these dreams fade away
All the beauty I adored
At the edge of the world

Across the universe
Time is to be reversed
No shelter can be found
To this fate we are bound

Behold the final hour
The last times will be dour
All life falls into gorge
Of the end of the world

Burning skies
On the vengeance's night
Devastating scythe
Of the ancient Light

I saw the might
Of the ancient Light!
And the beauty of the perishing world
There's no tomorrow
We have been warned

The sky's bird struck fire
Made a flame flare up
The north wind burnt the clearing
The north-east quite consumed it
It burnt all the trees to ash and reduced them to dust

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"From Afar" as written by Janne Olavi Parviainen Emmi Silvennoinen

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    My Interpretation@TheTrooper1138:
    You're thinking of the wrong mythology. This song appears to be in direct reference to the Kalevala, particularly the poem 'Felling and Sowing" The bridge is taken directly from the Kalevala (wrongly might I add)
    The correct lines areas follows:

    The sky's bird struck fire
    made a flame flare up
    The north wind burnt the clearing
    the north-east quite consumed it:
    it burnt all the trees to ash
    reduced them to dust.
    GeoffJesterPembertonon September 22, 2009   Link
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    General CommentSounds like it's about the end of the world.
    codeman9000on September 04, 2009   Link
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    General Commentprobably about Ragnarok, since it's "traditional"... some old prophecy about Ragnarok... makes sense since the raven is important in the northern mythology too..
    TheTrooper1138on September 17, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI'm going to disagree with Geoff on this one and agree with TheTrooper. Everything about this song and its context points to Ragnarok ("lost prophecy, Forgotten legacy"). Yes the excerpt is from the Kalevela but its not used in context in the poem, that section can have any meaning you want it to when its out of context, and since it's put into this song, it fits with the Ragnarok meaning. Also the line "burnt all the trees to dust" is important because all tress would include Yggdrasil and that is the end of the world when that happens (Ragnarok). Odin isn't specifically mentioned in this but he is commonly associated with the form of a Raven and the raven in this song foretells this prophecy, hence Ragnarok.
    SunSets4everOverBlackWaterParkon April 23, 2010   Link

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