How can life be what you want it to be?
You're frozen
When your heart's not open

Mmm, if I could melt your heart
Mmm, we'd never be apart
Mmm, if I could melt your heart
Mmm, we'd never be apart

Mmm, if I could melt your heart (mmm)
Mmm, we'd never be apart
Mmm, give yourself to me (ooh, ooh)
Mmm, we'd never be apart (Sickick)

Mmm, if I could melt your heart
Mmm, we'd never be apart
Mmm, if I could melt your heart
Mmm, we'd never be apart (Sickick)

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Frozen Lyrics as written by Patrick Leonard Madonna Ciccone

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    Song MeaningStrange that people think that this song is about love.

    To understand the song better one must watch the official video. The video shows madonna in death valley. she is presented as gothic witch. 1 in 3 or 3 in one. Video is very creepy and watching it one can understand it is anything but love.

    Madonna represents Hecate, widely considered the goddess of witches.She is often represented in ancient times as having three faces or three heads (sometimes animal heads) or even three bodies, to denote the triplicity of her character and attributes (birth, love and death).

    The dog (or more specifically, bitch) is the animal most commonly associated with Hecate, sometimes a three-headed dog. black dogs were once sacrificed to her in purification rituals. She was also believed to manifest herself as a dog, and the sound of barking dogs was often seen as the first sign of her approach.

    You one see what your eyes want ..... frozen, when your heart's not open

    You only look at the things as you have been taught i.e the good and evil and how can you have enlightment unless you open your mind and heart;

    figure out the rest of the song meaning yourself. Its really satan calling to people.
    mercede75on April 10, 2012   Link
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    Song MeaningAs crazy as it sounds to you, it is about satan and worshipping him. It is from the perspective of satan read it again. Also, read up about kabbala and its origins. Read about freemasonry and its rituals. Then you will understand that this song is nothing to do with 'love' but to do with something far more sinister...
    insideron July 20, 2009   Link
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    MemoryAs I recall, beautiful and sad ballad Frozen is about Madonna's endless search for love, enlightenment and transcendence. She takes hold of The Unforgettable Fire-a U2 Reference because she's the Queen of the Slipstream-a van Morrison reference because it is here on Frozen-the crux on Ray of Light that Madonna discovers Soul and Namaste. She Still loves Sean and Guy but she can't have them anymore. Lady Madonna is crying in Wet Tears and Unconscionable Sadness. She Still Believes in Love but She is Beside Herself. Madonna Cries in Frozen "If I Could Melt Your
    Heart(s)..."-and begins Crying alone and Sad. She lost her two Loves. Madonna's Heart is Broken. Still, Frozen is a beautiful song and a landmark concerto in Madonna's life. The video clip only enhances the ballad suspense. Frozen is Magnificent-No Line on Madonna's Horizon!
    rabbitbunnyon June 07, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about Satan's despair about losing the game against God. He needs as many humans as possible allied in his cause to avoid punishment. So he cries out: "Give yourself to me You hold the key". You have to be naive to think that such a powerful work of art is just about a couple with domestic problems. Nothing at the level of thinking required to create such a work of art is by chance. This is obviously inspired if you know what i mean.
    baxteruon August 20, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI am not a religious person and I don't really like saying I'm a spiritual person. I This song is very seductive and it's meant to be. All Satan ever wanted was for you to give yourself to it. It is a cancerous consciousness saying "Love me, follow me, I will give you whatever you want but I need you to follow me." It will suffer if it loses your soul and everything in this universe it the key to that. Very true. Satan will come in the name of God/LOVE and tell you how much it loves you. It will use anything good that LOVE made to get what it wants. It will give you pleasure and protect you from pain. Pain and pleasure are irrelevant next to the LOVE of God, and one will never know what that is until one experience it for one's self. I would never be able to explain it to anyone it's that good. Satan is a cancerous energy that exists in scalar reality from almost the highest level of LOVE to something smaller than the DNA in our bodies, so it is everywhere. It controls all the media, all academia, all religious and organized spiritual groups, all governments, and sad to say most music. I know what this song does to me as I love it. It's the strangest thing being seduced.
    dk4141on November 17, 2012   Link
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    General Commenthmm whats this song about? someone help me.....i dont usally like pop but this song is good
    WatchMeDrownon February 02, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about how painful love can be, and how cold some people can be when they have your heart, about 2 people who r lost, who r trying 2 find eachother
    silverpuppiezon April 13, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti think its about how so close minded and bitter someone is an that they waste the love they cold give on grudges an its saying if he let things go--he could have an amazing realtionship
    Lydon June 18, 2002   Link
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    General Commentdoes anyone know a cover of 'frozen'? all i know is that it's a male voice, and rather electronica/industrial oriented. heard it only 2 days ago in a club => might be new.
    ps: i have to apologize, maybe it's not the right place to ask for this. but as the forum is closed at the moment, i saw no other possibility...
    feiticeiraon July 01, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI really like this madonna' song!!!!!!!..and the video is just from hell, c'mon just the dog!...u know that video cause me fear, just all the desert of the death valley an dall is black and grey, and the black birds and the black dog, and the madonna's black drees and the grey sky....this song and the video are just made by really like madonna and her techno music of ray of light, this is her best cd since something to remember (this is not too good) ad madonna is without doubt he queen of techno and future music!-....madonna rulez!
    el_zancudo40on July 07, 2002   Link

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