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Another Life Lyrics

You must think you´re going to live forever
I listen to the lies as they fall from your face
You must think that you are mighty clever
Can´t you find a better way to deal with this place

Watching your life die
We´re all wathcing your life die
Your hands are wet - Your mouth is dry
You shake and sweat - You want to die
Your eyes are hot - Your skin is cold
You´re so young - But you look so old

Lie in bed all day stering at the ceiling
Your friends come around
Because they wonder how you´re feeling
You send them all away
Because you can´t identify
They don´t know you
They´re not even high
So high

See the monkey´s eyes.
Look deep into the monkey´s eyes as he comes to you smiling.
Day after day the monkey´s eyes become bigger and bigger.
Soon the monkey´s eyes are all you can see.
Soon the monkey´s eyes become your eyes.
You feel the monkey´s bite.
Monkey see monkey do, monkey will destroy you.

If I could make wishes true
I know what I´d wish for you
Another life
Another life for you
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Jan 09, 2002
2 Meanings
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This song is clearly about drug addiction; and how the monkey on your back can swallow you whole.

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On MTV’s 120 Minutes in 1992, Henry Rollins was a guest, and said that “Another Life” was about “someone [I] know who was on heroin. And I’ve never been on heroin, but I saw this person, who I really like, so I wrote this song for him, to say ‘Hey man, don’t-don’t blow it! Come on back, here with us, the ones who are breathing.’”

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