don't like to think too much, it makes me think too much,
it keeps my mid on my mind
don't wanna see too much, it makes me see to much
sometimes I'd rather be blind

all the things that they're saying & doing
when they pass me by it just fills me up with noise
it overloads me
I wanna disconnected myself
pull my brains damn out, unplug myself
I want nothing right now, I want to pull it out

yeah, I want to pull it out, yeah
I wanna break it all down, hey, I wanna pull it out
yeah, yeah, disconnect myself, disconnect myself

a thousand miles an hour going nowhere fast
cluding to the details of your past
talking 'bout your damages and wasting my time
wanna be the king mainstain in line
all the numbers and the colours of the fax
back by the rumours and the figures of the statch
I think I'm gonna download my ind

I wanna pull it out

too damn bad if at the end of the day the only thoughts
in your brain are all the things that they say, what a waste
too damn bad if at the end of the line you got no idea of
what's on your own mind
you got no one to blame but yourself
too much to know, too much to see
if I mean something to you but it's nothing to me

I wanna disconnect myself, pull my brains damn out, unplug myself
I want nothing right now, I want to pull it out

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    General CommentIt's "Pull my brain stem out," not "Pull my brains damn out." Jeez, people!
    presidentandceoon April 19, 2004   Link
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    General Commentdisconnecting from mainstream society. particularily television and all the crap on there. that's my basic take on this song.
    Allanon_TWBon July 18, 2002   Link
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    General CommentTo me means to let go of all the crap is in a society, all the mix messages, what´s hot or not?, fashion, and to leave behind everything negative that society brings in live or the crap you see on t.v by pulling your brains out "methaphorical speaking".
    deftorafaon January 26, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWhat a perfect song...

    So angry, so strong. Could we expect any less from the man?
    big timmyon May 20, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe songs called "Disconnect" actually...and all the lyrics that say disconnected are disconnect...great song...hes got such a force in his his voice...amazing
    thepatman0on June 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentDamn, I admire Henry Rollins. Not only does he have an uncanny knack of saying exactly what I'm thinking, and would say myself if I wasn't such a fuck up when it comes to expressing myself, but he does it with the sort of effortless style that can only be achieved by working long and hard at your craft. Love him or hate him, you have to admire someone with that sort of commitment.

    Anyway, enough fanboying, about the song...

    I think this is about the sheer wall of inane data that we are exposed to every day. Not just from the mass media but also from people in the street who pick up on it and regurgitate it. The manufactured water cooler talking points, the latest celebrity scandals, the next "Big Thing"(tm), all the banal trivia and bland invalid's pap that the media serves up to us, and we, like lazy, overfed lap dogs, feed our emaciated brains on. There's nothing inellectually challenging in it. It's presented to us pre-spun so we know instantly how we are supposed to feel about each and every issue, there's no decision making or critical analysis going on when we process it, we just absorb it into ourselves like saturated fat. We're so used to it now that it's almost Pavlonian.

    To me, this song is saying that (at least sometimes) he'd prefer to experience oblivion than have to listen to another bozo repeat what he heard on TV that morning and try to pass it off as his considered opinion on the subject.

    Considering the fact that hardly anyone I know seems to read anything with any meat in it any more, I'd have to admit to feeling the same way on more than one occasion. A significant percentage of the Earth's population has easy access to an amazingly rich and varied banquet of ideas and thought but rather than do what I would consider the obvious (i.e. dig in with both hands, right up to the elbows), they sit in the corner eating the intellectual equivalent of a big mac over and over again. That's sad, but sadder still is that they are happy that way, or at least they seem to be.

    I'm optimistic that the rise of the Internet will, one day, break the Svengali-esque hold of the TV netwoks over the masses and once again expose people to a vast range of raw ideas. Sure, some of those ideas will be just as banal, others will be distasteful, some will be downright offensive, and others still will just be straight up batshit weird but I, for one, wouldn't have it any other way.


    tvsinesperantoon October 22, 2009   Link

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