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Tire Me song meanings
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    General Comment"Yeah ya tryin' ta tire me, tire me
    I can see you in front of me, front of me
    Ya tryin' ta tire me, tire me
    Why don't you get from in front of me"

    Tire me, I think, means you're trying to seduce me, your beauty and prestige is so incredible that I feel worthless and pointless as a human being compared to Jackie Onassis that I'm completely worn down, tired.

    "I can see you in front of me, front of me" I think he's talking about seeing Jackie constantly on the television (and maybe even through other mediums like newspapers, magazines etc.) . All the time she's in front of everyones eyes.

    "Why don't you get from in front of me" This is the frustration someone has from being bombarded and manipulated like this. Get away from my eyes, I'm sick of seeing your astounding beauty and superiorority. You're making me feel bad about my own inferiorority.

    "She's got everyone's eyes
    In every home there's a sickening
    Of rolm that film she's a precious, a precious
    But we're all gonna ..... nah we're already
    Dead !"

    "She's got everyones eyes" I think Zack means everyone that is infatuated with this talentless celebrity thinks they look like her - "I think I have Jackie Onassis' eyes". People are heaping attention on the women, loving her, trying to be her etc.

    "Of rolm that film she's a precious, a precious One
    But we're all gonna ..... nah we're already Dead !"

    A Summary of this section would go like this:
    On the television she's so precious and devine but realistically we don't know why. "But we're all gonna..." But we are all gonna be like her, If we keep watching and falling in love with her we can be as she IS.

    "nah, we're already Dead !" "We're already dead" refers to the way that if people think like this, act out these artificial impulses and find interest in public personalities that they can't think rationally about e.g."What's so much better about her than me, we're all humans" then we are as good as dead, we are no longer thinking for ourselves or about anything.

    "Now that history's a flowery cancerous mess
    ..... A mess
    Nah let's see it broken, bloody and undressed !"

    History has been distorted for centuries by those who have conquered and destroyed, written from their perspective. It has been sent through filters so that it would come out looking victorious, progressive and wonderful whereas all it is is one horrific story after another of rape, pillage, massacre, murder, domination, destruction. We're not told about the negative impacts of history and most of the worst atrocities as it doesn't serve our leaders purposes in continuing to destroy it. But the point here is Zack wants to see it in its most honest form, the bloody mess that it is. It won't be nice but we have to look for our own sake of knowing what our world is like so as to initiate change.

    "I wanna be Jackie Onassis
    I wanna wear a pair of dark sunglasses
    I wanna be Jackie O
    Oh, oh, oh please don't die"

    Here Zack is effectively saying that the public is so infatuated with this huge personality of sorts that they are starting to wear her clothes, act the way she does, want to be her, going so far with the obsession that they don't want her to ever die, they want her to live on, to continue to quell their irrational insecurities and keep feeding off her mastodon sized ego as long as it feels good. Why, because WE the people, are already dead.
    jwardon December 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentFor the uninformed, Jackie Onassis is Jackie Kenndy, stupid Americans!
    Everlongon November 26, 2001   Link
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    General Commentthe part with "I wanna be Jackie onassis". Is that some kind of sarcasm, because I can't see no glory in to be a girl who can't go anywhere in private?!
    Anyway, great song. I like what Brad Wild does with drums in this song because it isn't the Brad Wilk I am used to see. (He is allways great on drums)
    DevasMolfensekron July 11, 2002   Link
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    General Commentactually everlong you are the dumb one cause you cant even spell kennedy right. good one buddy.
    bodegason July 21, 2002   Link
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    General CommentJust because a person makes a spelling mistake does not make them dumb, plus i don't think he gives a shit because he wrote it over half a year ago! Now stop trying to make yourself feel superior by pointing out peoples shortcomings.
    invitalison July 21, 2002   Link
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    General Commentcan we just try and decipher this song's meaning, because this is one of the songs on this album that puzzle me(the meaning that is).
    wrinkledPholeon September 12, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthey won a grammy for this song, and for any of you who missed watching the show that year, this is hilarious: ratm.com/new2/…
    way to go, tim!
    PJ10on March 28, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI wanna be Jackie Onassis
    I wanna wear a pair of dark sunglasses
    I wanna be Jackie O
    Oh, oh, oh please don't die

    This part its about Jackie Onassis was a symbol of welt for Zacks genertion. And meany wanted to be like she. Rich and stuff.

    Never erewer talke shit about peopel that don't speel rigth. You don't have eany ideas about how it is. Renamer you are just a human to.
    MogerSegSomApeon April 27, 2003   Link
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    General Commentyeah you tryin to tire me
    get the fuck from in front of me
    i try to do the RAH thing but its fucking hard. yeah, jackie, watchin kennedy die, and since rage is all for conspiracy and fun like that, they are probably referencing to when he was shot two feet to the right of her.
    FloydHammeron January 30, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think that this song was about how JFK was murdered, but also, how jackie K. handled it at that moment "We're already dead !
    I wanna be Jackie Onassis
    I wanna wear a pair of dark sunglasses
    I wanna be Jackie O" *JFK is shot* "Oh, oh, oh please don't die " Even if you are rich, famous, powerful you still arent immortal

    thats just me though, im proabably wrong
    matta99on March 15, 2005   Link

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