A model brother- a model dad
A model citizen has somehow turned out bad
Pledging allegiance to another flag
Lifelong devotion to a man they think was far from mad
the written word from they think their peers
A little propaganda they became white warriors
Bred on deception and bred on fear
They don't hear the barrage of lies
That pass right through their ears
When your head feels like it's real close to imploding
And your life is revolving around hate
All that shit your brain is overloading
With help from papers and magazines
Another sheltered boy chooses what he will not see
Views so distorted how can this be
When the love for hate is the basis for reality
Another headline another bash
Another harmless victim beaten up and not for cash
Insanity well when will it end- If you don't give it up
You'll never have the chance to make amends
You cannot keep it all inside
You've got to leave it all behind
You got a bullet in your head(Z. De La Rocha)
It's time to make a stance now make it
A bloody picture- Psychotic dream
Choosing to follow the worst lesson in all history
Just get a future yeah get a life- Cause if you don't
Instead of mourning they'll be celebrating when you die

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I Won't Have It song meanings
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    General Commentsounds like hes talkin about nazis, pledging allegiance to the swatstika flag, thinkin hitler wasnt mad, etc.
    monkeyjunkon January 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentComments on how people need to be more open minded. When narrow minded and bombarded by other peoples belief, their opinions can be easily changed to negative ideals. Ie, they talk of senseless violence.
    nex2289on May 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe first part of the song is about how a seemingly sane man does an insane thing, such as treason or a major shooting (The Oklahoma city bombing took place a few months before this album came out, and Timothy McVeigh was considered a perfectly sane man who out of the blue killed hundreds in a blink of an eye). It could also be referring to political leaders, who people devote their praise to, but they are in fact crazy (like Hitler, or even possibly members of the US government) The second part is about how people who aren't used to real life end up becoming addicted to hate and violence (The Columbine killers were sheltered and social rejects, and became obsessed with killing those in society who wouldn't accept them instead of befriending them)

    So overall the song is about how things we do to protect ourselves, such as supporting leaders or people or sheltering our youth ends up bringing violence
    epicmikenomoreon June 21, 2010   Link
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    General CommentOne of their best songs out there, About Time has zero filler except maybe for Searching, and it's not a bad song.

    This is one of their deeper songs lyrics-wise from when Jason was writing the songs. It's about the process of how people turn into fascist/xenophobic racists out of ignorance/fearing repercussions of their family who are already what they are and having to grow up with them will likely make you a white supremacist too and this one is Jason's thoughts on what he thinks of people like that who are too weak to break free from indoctrination into evil.
    psioniczon March 13, 2014   Link

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