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It Happens Every Day Lyrics

The first part of every day for me is good
I've got the bus stop in my neighborhood
And everything's on purpose everywhere they go
Hiding in my car and running in the snow
Running with the friends they'll know for years
I've seen it all from here, from here

It happens every day, before they go to school
They play until the bus drives up beside my lawn
And there's always been a mother who waits 'til they are gone
Then she turns away
It happens every day

Noon comes and turns this campus upside down
I watch the students in this college town
You would think they're carefree, I have seen their trials
Frowning into Shakespeare and practicing their smiles
Even underlining Nabokov
When I am not in love, in love

It happens every day with their journals in cafes
Looking up at their reflection on the other wall
With every new idea wondering if they've changed at all
And then they look away
It happens every day

Well life is as hard and as easy as they say
Walking the steps we've chosen on this day
Some will be outrageous, some have rarely shown
Some will walk in couples, some will walk alone
As I think about the world I see
They stare and smile at me, at me

It happens every day at the crossing of the street
Walking out to see what's new and what is just the same
And the only word for love is everybody's name
And that will always stay
It happens every day
And every day will happen without you
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Dec 06, 2001
3 Meanings
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I can't believe no one has commented on this song... it shocks me. This is one of my favorite songs of all time, because Dar's just so mellow and her songs soothe your soul... I always find myself singing this song when I'm down.

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It is a beautiful song with really amazing lyrics. I love the line "and the only word for love is everybody's name"--I'm not completely sure what it means but I like it.

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I love this song. I always imagine a woman who lives in a vibrant college town among students and kids and families, but who has lost the person she loves and can't move on from that. She has shut herself out from the world, and can only look upon peoples' lives as an observer and analyze them to keep from thinking about how alone she is. It starts with "the first part of every day for me is good"...she wakes up with hope that today will be the day she gets out and lives her life instead of watching others live...but ends with "every day will happen without you"...she finally admits that she can't get over the one she lost, succumbing to her loneliness.

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