Then you were dead
Subsistin' on that same old bread
It's the memory that hides
The whole wide world

It's the gas he'd's love of america
It's the memory that hides
Take your photographs back
For the love of all gods

Our gas he'd marches on
Our gas he'd marches on
He's a bonified man
A star amongst his clan

And the only one that let me ride
It's the memory that dies
Our gas he'd was right
When they lanced his skull

There was puss and light
It's the memory that dies
So take your photographs back
For the love of all gods

Our gas he'd marches on
Our gas he'd marches
It's the memory that dies
And make your photographs black

For the love of all gods
Our gas he'd marches on
Our gas he'd marches on
Gas he'd is on the radio, radio, radio

Lyrics submitted by Caverna[RR], edited by mark111230, brycej3, EternalTearsOfSorrow

"Gas Hed Goes West" as written by Chad David Taylor Chad Alan Gracey

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Gas Hed Goes West song meanings
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    General CommentGas hed is a term they have created to describe a man that follows his own path and holds his morals despite the worlds pressures , the song is also drawing comparison to the fact that its his humble internal memories that drive him and he does not project out would accomplishments for validation or recognition, and as such they would die for him
    CAFAon May 25, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationGas Hed Goes WEst

    Follow the SUN, from EA (Eve and Adam) St. to WE St.. GAS is God and Satan, the "original" mono(a?)theist, unlocks the key to Live....
    adam772308on July 27, 2014   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of the few songs that reaches me without having any idea what the lyrics mean. I've tried, though...

    It has an air of undefeatable purpose ("For the love of all gods/Our gas hed marches on"), especially when the spirituality of the writers is taken into consideration. Every time I here it it procures a different image, but the most persistent is that of the tragic hero. The person searching, the angry son avenging a murdered father; the knight on a quest ("A star amongst his clan"). Yet it's also a contrast between the hero with a cause and the singular psychopathic urge for revenge. In places you think the crusade must be a good one ("When they lanced his skull/There was pus and light"), and yet you still see waste of life that results ("make your photographs black","It's the memory that dies")
    ballzofsnoon April 27, 2002   Link
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    General Commentnot sure what this means. i really like the song though. a great one to listen to when your down for sure
    X324324324on November 03, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI was reading Stephen King's "The Stand" at the same time I was playing this album over and over, so this song gave me a strong impression of the journey of "The Trashcan Man" from that story.

    That character was a half-dead radiation-poisoned pyromaniac schizophrenic who survives what is essentially the Apocalypse. He is part of the "bad side", travels West across America and ends up getting destroyed in a nuclear explosion, so the phrases of "gas hed" (Fire), "Memory that dies" (post-apocalypse), "exemplified his clan", "marches on" and "lanced his head with light" (vaporised by a nuke) had a lot of strong correlations.

    I doubt that's the original meaning of the lyrics, but that's what they mean to me now.
    endoron July 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI really wish I knew what this song meant....\
    At the end of the song I always imagine he is singing 'gas hed is on the way to you'
    and I don't even know if it makes sense
    sleepykittyon September 11, 2008   Link
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    General Commentbut it seems it definitely is

    on the radio
    sleepykittyon September 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentCan anyone catch what is said in the background at around 3:55?
    kalaklanaron April 21, 2011   Link
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    General CommentLove this song, even though I don't really know what it means. Don't even know what "gas hed" or the word "hed" means. what does it mean???
    dinzao9on May 15, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationThis one has stumped me for years! It really could mean anything, but here are a couple of my thoughts:

    Idea #1:
    Gas Hed is the Sun (goes west=sets in the west from our wordly view)and the lyrics to me could be making an allusion to the end of the world or even the end or a major change in the universe.

    "It's the memory that hides/dies, the whole wide world" ...With the Sun gone, the light upon the world (and/or the world itsel)f is a memory. That memory dies.

    A 'star' amongst his clan... The Sun=a star

    "it's the memory that dies

    and make your photographs black"...The Earth ends and photographs and possibly even our memories are blank and empty...

    "...there was pus and light" ...a star or the Sun exploding or diminishing leaving light before complete darkness and destruction?

    I know I'm reaching here, but this is a tough one!

    Idea #2- Gas Hed is a bomb of some sort heading west from some location, and the lyrics are implying a similar fate as my description above, only its cause is due to a great war. "Gas Hed's on the radio"....Imminent chaos and the ultimate world war is the breaking news on the radio.

    Idea #3- Gas Hed = 'gashed' or deep hurt or wounds. Really nothing else worked out with this yet. Just a thought.
    glassjaw7on October 14, 2012   Link

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