I am very into analyzing lyrics as they can be so interesting. I am also proud to be one of the assistants to the administrator here on I have a creative side as well, see my profile on RW Designer
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Mirrors Au5 days ago
C Z A R I N A7 days ago
Dead American26 days ago
Phantom Bay1 month ago
Howl Like Wolves1 month ago
Cabin Boy Jumped Ship1 month ago
Cabin Boy Jumps Ship1 month ago
Oddko1 month ago
Born Through Fire1 month ago
Until I Wake1 month ago
My Position1 month ago
AGNIS3 months ago
Blitz Union3 months ago
AVIANA4 months ago
DED4 months ago
Warkings5 months ago
Solence5 months ago
Enemy Inside5 months ago
Keith Wallen5 months ago
Carcosa5 months ago
Softcult5 months ago
Heartlay6 months ago
Cold Night For Alligators6 months ago
Memorist6 months ago
Atlast (Northcore)6 months ago
Higher Power6 months ago
White Reaper6 months ago
Lorna Shore7 months ago
Sleep Token7 months ago
Alleviate7 months ago
Out Of My Eyes7 months ago
Light The Torch7 months ago
Slaughter to Prevail7 months ago
Noira8 months ago
Chaoseum8 months ago
Scardust8 months ago
Hyro the Hero8 months ago
Imminence8 months ago
Lilyhammer9 months ago
Fatal Nation9 months ago
Humanity's Last Breath10 months ago
Snow White Blood1 year ago
Normandie1 year ago
Hot Milk1 year ago
SKYND1 year ago
Solar Eruption1 year ago
Smash Into Pieces1 year ago
Tallah1 year ago
Eminent1 year ago
The Last Element1 year ago
Endgame1 year ago
Falling Giant1 year ago
Ninthshaft1 year ago
Visionatica1 year ago
PSYRUS1 year ago
Smackbound1 year ago
annisokay1 year ago
Code Orange1 year ago
One Desire1 year ago
Dirty Honey1 year ago
Skarlett Riot1 year ago
orbit culture1 year ago
The Animal In Me1 year ago
Oblivion Machine1 year ago
Enemy Throttle1 year ago
Raiju1 year ago
Bloody Unicorn2 years ago
Suicidal Angels2 years ago
Spiritbox2 years ago
Aephanemer2 years ago
The Dark Element2 years ago
Sight of Emptiness2 years ago
Eleine2 years ago
Diamante2 years ago
D Creation2 years ago
Heart Of Jordan2 years ago
Mad John the Wise2 years ago
3TEETH2 years ago
Unprocessed2 years ago
Asmodai2 years ago
I Don't Know How But They Found Me2 years ago
Vinyl Theater2 years ago
Akheth2 years ago
Discrepancies2 years ago
Bare Infinity2 years ago
Massface3 years ago
Vivienne's Verdict3 years ago
Rage Of Light3 years ago
Heilung3 years ago
Kalidia3 years ago
Ignea3 years ago
Temperance3 years ago
Walk In Darkness3 years ago
Illidiance3 years ago
Follow The Cipher3 years ago
Hanging Garden3 years ago
Scar Of The Sun3 years ago
Frozen Crown3 years ago
Dust In Mind3 years ago
Omnimar3 years ago
Sarea3 years ago
The Night Flight Orchestra3 years ago
Blaenavon3 years ago
Modern Maps3 years ago
The Misery Garden3 years ago
Auri3 years ago
Vola4 years ago
Dreamcar4 years ago
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