I am very into analyzing lyrics as they can be so interesting. I am also proud to be one of the assistants to the administrator here on I have a creative side as well, see my profile on RW Designer


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Bloody Unicorn8 days ago
Suicidal Angels1 month ago
Spiritbox1 month ago
Aephanemer1 month ago
The Dark Element2 months ago
Sight of Emptiness2 months ago
Eleine3 months ago
Diamante3 months ago
D Creation5 months ago
Heart Of Jordan5 months ago
Mad John the Wise5 months ago
3TEETH5 months ago
Unprocessed5 months ago
Asmodai5 months ago
I Don't Know How But They Found Me6 months ago
Vinyl Theater7 months ago
Akheth7 months ago
Discrepancies9 months ago
Bare Infinity9 months ago
Massface11 months ago
Vivienne's Verdict11 months ago
Rage Of Light1 year ago
Heilung1 year ago
Kalidia1 year ago
Ignea1 year ago
Temperance1 year ago
Walk In Darkness1 year ago
Illidiance1 year ago
Follow The Cipher1 year ago
Hanging Garden1 year ago
Scar Of The Sun1 year ago
Frozen Crown1 year ago
Dust In Mind1 year ago
Omnimar1 year ago
Sarea1 year ago
The Night Flight Orchestra1 year ago
Blaenavon1 year ago
Modern Maps1 year ago
The Misery Garden1 year ago
Auri1 year ago
Vola2 years ago
Dreamcar2 years ago
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