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Kazoointoit Lyrics

i love us both but i don't feel good
so i keep pulling over
and looking under
the hood
i love us both but i'm at wit's end
where does your compromise begin
and mine end?
i love us both but what
world's it gonna be?
the one according to you
or the one according to me?

i don't feel good so
now do my problems include
talks with doctors who don't even understand
about food?
i think in ancient china they kinda
figured out how the body works
but our culture is just a roughneck
teenage jerk
with a bottle of pills
and a bottle of booze
and a full round of ammunition
and nothing to lose

and is it really the best we can do
to arm wrestle over whose world it's gonna be?
the one according to you
or the one according to me

i love us both and i'll see ya
if you'll see me
so...who are we?
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Dec 05, 2001
2 Meanings
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This reminds me of when you look ahead to when you move out from ur parents, and you go back to see them and declare your independence, but you still love them but you dont want them to live your life for you

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I used to hate this song. I could not get over the annoying Kazoo and intro. Listening to the lyrics for perhaps the first time since I first heard it in (2003???) I bumped it up from 1 to 2 stars. The intro is still super annoying, but there are pretty decent lyrics in there.

I think it is about two people who love each other but are really bad together. Ani is singing from the perspective of someone who submerges who she is to the other person in the relationship.

The more I stare at the lyrics the less certain I am that it is there, but I also feel like there is a bit of a nod to cultures not properly compromising as an analogy. Objectively it looks like the bit about Chinese medicine is not phrased like that, but it calls it to my mind anyway.

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