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got a garden of songs where i grow all my thoughts
wish i could harvest one or two for some small talk
i'm always starving for words when you're around
nothing on my tongue so much in my ground
half the time i got my gaze trained on your motel door
fourth door from the end
rest of the time my gaze lays like a stain on the carpeted floor
if it weren't for my brain i'd go over and make friends
too bad about my brain 'cause i'd like to make friends.
see the little song bird unable to make a sound
even though she follows her words from town to town
we both have gardens of songs and maybe its okay
that i am speechless because i picked you this bouquet.
yep, sure am speechless, but i picked you this bouquet
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Dec 04, 2001
6 Meanings
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this song is so me its not even funny

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those lyrics arent right. its okay though.

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I'm an Ani fanatic and have so much of her music. When it's all said and done, I have to say this is my favorite song. It's beauty is in it's simpicity. The opening rythmic guitar riff is in perfect union with the simple yet deeply sincere lyrical meaning. Everyone knows that feeling when they are so infatuated with someone that they can't approach them never mind profess their feelings. In Ani's case, the only way she can communicate these uncommunicable feelings is through a song, a lyric, her musical/poetic gift. What I love is the reference she possesses for this gift of hers. It is simple yet profoundly beautiful like a boquet. It's all in the thought and the meaning behind that thought as long as it is sincere. Ani will be remembered as one of the greatest of our generation. Hopefully it is not before she has left this planet.

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When Ani's at her best, her metaphors have this incredible cleverness and power. Ie. the mute song bird, at once a lovely image of natural attraction saddened by its muteness, and also a biographical reference to Ani herself--able to sing in front of a crowd yet as speechless as anyone else sometimes. This song transports me back to grade 12 instantly, it spoke right to my soul then.

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I think Ani wrote this song for Greg Brown (an amazing songwriter and friend of Ani's).

"we've both got gardens of songs".

Check out Greg's album: 'Slant Six Mind', since Greg wrote Ani a song back when he heard 'This Bouquet'. It is called 'Vivid'.

Here are the lyrics to Vivid:

You gave me flowers, all wet with dew, You gave me flowers, I'd like to give you something too.

Vivid flowers, raggedy yellow red and blue, Smell of rain and summer. Vivid, just like you.

You gave me music with the bouquet from your hand, You gave me a living song, something I could understand.

Let's go walking when the party is through, You gave me so much, I want to give you something too.

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it's definately about being shy. i love this song. i relate to every word. its good to know that someone else can relate. i love how she words it. "got a garden of songs" then "i picked you this bouquet". she has songs (flowers from her garden) which she put into a boouquet (songs for everyone to hear). her songs are the best way she can communicate to people.

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