hour follows hour
like water follows water
everything is governed by the rule
of one thing leads to another
you can't really place blame
'cause blame is much too messy
some was bound to get on you
while you were trying to put it on me

and don't fool yourself
into thinking things are simple
nobody's lying still the stories don't line up
why do you try to hold on
to what you'll never get a hold on?
you wouldn't try to put the ocean
in a paper cup

'cause i have had something to prove
as long as i know there's something
that needs improvement
and you know that every time i move
i make a woman's movement
and first you decide
what you've gotta do
then you go out and do it
and maybe the most we can do
is just to see each other through it

hour follows hour
like water in a river
and from one to the next
we don't know what each hour will deliver
we just call it like we see it
call it out loud as we can
and then afterwards we call it all water over the dam

maybe the moral higher ground
ain't as high as it seems
maybe we are both good people
done some bad things
i just hope it was okay
i know it wasn't perfect
i hope in the end we can laugh
and say it was all worth it

'cause i have had something to prove
as long as i know something
that needs improvement
and you know that everytime i move
i make a woman's movement
and first you decide what you've gotta do
then you go out and do it
and maybe the most that we can do
is just to see each other through it

we make our own gravity to give weight to things
then things fall and they break and gravity sings
we can only hold so much is what i figure
try and keep our eye on the big picture
picture keeps getting bigger

and too much is how i love you
but too well is how i know you
and i've got nothing to prove this time
just something to show you
i guess i just wanted you to see
that it was all worth it to me

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    So what's this song about? To me it's about a relationship that went sour a while ago, and now all the angry words and fighting and finger pointing are in the past. All that is left is pain and regret and sadness, and a striving to make amends and to be at peace with both the good and bad that went on in the relationship.

    illrideron August 07, 2008   Link
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    when my older brother died.. I remember listening to this song and being so struck by the lyric "and maybe the most we can do is just to see each other through it", it's so simple and rings so true in times when words and conversing aren't strong enough to hold the wieght of how we feel.

    leavenon July 20, 2002   Link
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    Omg, I can't believe there's only one comment on this song. This is one of my very favorite Ani songs. The music is soft and simple but beautiful. and the lyrics are some of the best ever in my opinion. Especially the lines And maybe the moral high ground ain't as high as it seems AND You know everytime I move I make a womans movement Ahhh...

    cjk16on November 13, 2007   Link
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    Technicolor_Dreamson January 26, 2008   Link

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