Baby join me in death
We are so young
Our lives have just begun
That's already we are considering
Escape from this world

And we've waited for so long
For this moment to come
Was so anxious to be together
Together in death

Oh oh oh
Would you die tonight for love?
Baby join me in death
Would you die?
Baby join me in death
Would you die tonight for love?
Baby join me in death

This world is so cruel
Placing were here only to lose
So before life tears us apart, let
Death bless me with you

Oh oh oh
Would you die tonight for love?
Baby join me in death
So would you die?
Baby join me in death
Would you die tonight for love?
Baby join me in death
Join me in death

oh oh oh
This life ain't worth living.
Join me, join me, join me,
Join me, join me, join me

This life ain't worth living
Oh oh oh
Would you die tonight for love?
Baby join me in death
So would you die?
Baby join me in death
Would you die tonight for love?
Baby join me in death

Baby join me in death.

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Join Me in Death Lyrics as written by Ville Hermanni Valo

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    General Commentreminds me of romeo and juliet. Very sad yet very beautiful
    fallen_crow05on May 29, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis song is so beautiful! Its about a guy whos in love with a girl and he really wants to be with her. But he knows it would end somehow in this life, because this life is always about losses. So hes asking if she would die with him if she loves him enought. That way, they can be together forever in eternity.
    Scary_Valentineon June 10, 2002   Link
  • +2


    irt's not just the name....

    His logo, is a up side down pentagram, just a bit changed, which is satanist. He has songs like "your sweet 666", "stigmata diabola"..... On his jacket it said "your prerry face is going to hell" and so on.
    Dont be such a fucking ignorant. Accept the truth.
    It is quite well known that he is a satanist.

    and he doesn some slow love rock... so? He wants to earn money too, from 14 year old pricks, that dont go into artists life and get informed. If he just wrote santanistic songs he would make less money.

    there is more to music then the melody and guitar solos, the meaning behind the lyrics and the artists own intention are most important, but u dont even go deep into the whole thing, which is sad....

    enjoy ur hanson cds, and britney spears posters!
    annion September 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis song means so much to me and to the whole Finland.. As u know HIM is from from Finland and this is for once a good song from a Finnish band! I don't like Darude and Bomfunk MC's that also are Finnish becouse there is no lyrics so the song does not mean anything to me! GO FINLAND!
    mww01on January 10, 2002   Link
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    General Commentpair of suicides. i think they're in love and there is something that prevents them from being together. so they think death will free them up and they'll be together forewer (what a crap!). P.S. song is really not bad. (i play it with my band)
    warheadon May 02, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis song is damn beautiful.. I listen to it at leas 10 times a day. I truely believe that Ville Valo is the sexiest man alive.
    Wickedbunnyon July 08, 2002   Link
  • +1
    General Commenti agree with wicked bunny ville valo is the sexiest man alive :), this is also one of my favourite HIM songs, its so beautifull, and sad :(
    dieyoupigon August 19, 2002   Link
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    General Comment SYMBOLS AND WORDS

    "Just to help me dry the tears that I've cried, and if you want I'll try to love again...the first cut is the deepest... I know..."

    Buddha cognac, Michael Eros...

    These names are other nicknames of the band members, they´re not used oficially.

    Buddha Cognac: Gas
    Michael Eros: Migé (also Michael Erosina, Michael Fors)
    "The new guy": Burton
    Daniel Lioneye: Lily (also Danny)

    The booklet of the new album also lists some more names, which can be assigned to the members like this if reading the whole text around it:

    Don Vitto: probably Ville (Vitto= finn. "idiot", "a**" or even worse ;)
    S. Ieni: probably Migé
    Elvis: probably Lily (because of the voice)

    Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell

    Ville wore a coat on which this sentence was written among many others. It´s the title of a song and an album of Iggy Pop and his band Iggy and the Stooges. This quotation can also be found on a picture of David Bowie named "Mask", but this won´t be the reason for Ville writing it on his coat, cause he´s a fan of Iggy Pop.

    You´ll find the lyrics here.
    Radio advert for live show/Head on
    Death trip
    I got a right
    Hard on beat
    Cock in my pocket
    Rubber legs
    Pin point eyes
    Open up and bleed
    Raw power
    Tight pants
    Scene of the crime


    Poem said at the Comet 2001

    irony in place of balls
    balls in place of brains
    brains in place of soul
    where is the soul?
    where is the love?
    where am i?

    Ville said this at the show of the Comet 2001 to the audience, after HIM got the price for "Viva2 Viewers Choice". They got the price from Iggy Pop, and those lines are from his song "Mask". HIM covered the song on a concert of their Germany-tour 2001. They admire him (s.a., "In Iggy we trust" in the booklet of the new album) and attracked attention by many acts of admiration.

    "I hate myself & I want to die"

    Ville gave this as answer in an interview when he was asked, what he likes about him and what not. It alarmed some fans, but there´s a simple explanation: the sentence is also the title of a song by Nirvana, that Ville quoted. He is not that discontent with himself and wants to die.

    The idea of the album titles

    Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights"
    "Razorblade Romance"
    "Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666"

    The idea of the album titles is, to build up a contrast and form something like a Yin and Yang, two opposites that somehow belong together. The first album shows the contrast of Love (Greatest Lovesongs) and Evil (Vol. 666), the second one Love (Romance) and Pain/Suffering (Razorblade) and the third one Light (Brilliant Highlights) and Darkness (Deep Shadows).

    Helsinki Icehockey Maniacs

    This name is another possibility to write out the abbrevation "H.I.M.". It was invented by the band, but propably not because of many icehockey-fans in the band. ;) "His Infernal Majesty" as right version was often misinterpreted and combined with Satan-worshipping, that´s why this funnier version was used as answer to the question, what the name "H.I.M." means, and it also was good for fooling moderators (e.g. at MTV Select).

    "Funny Song"

    Nickname for "Join me [in death]", used band-internal. I don´t know the reason for this name, but Ville often said, that the success of Join me has surprised him and that he doesn´t think it´s one of his best songs. He thinks it´s strange and funny, that just this song has caused such popularity in the Pop-biz.

    "666 revisitied"

    Original name of "Death is in love with us". The song is just as "Heaven Tonight" an exception on Razorblade Romance. It´s short and rough and reminds of the first album. To emphasize this similar sound, the "666" was used again like it often was on the first album, but not on the second. Later they found another name for the song.

    ("Heaven Tonight" was the last song that was written for RR, so it sounds more like those from the third album.)


    Added to the song "The 9th circle", it means "One Last Time". Both songs have almost the same lyrics and only differ in the arrangements. "The 9th circle" is just another version of the song and is not on the normal, but only on the limited edition of the album.


    Ville invented the heartagram, it´s a mix of a heart and a pentagram, standing for Love and Evil. It combines two contrasts, just as the album and some song titles do

    gonewiththesinon September 13, 2002   Link
  • +1
    General Commenthahaha quiffporn, i cant say i agree with you, however this line was about the funniest thing ive heard in a long time:

    If you listen to this music and you have a penis, you are gay, there is no argument.

    IAmTheEvenstaron May 24, 2004   Link
  • +1
    General Commenti wear all black and im not fat? .. well i dont assume so anyways.. maybe its a mispreception of myself.. but then again.. then again i listen to tons of different music and im not all about some hottopic and self proclaiming myself goth.. i like everything from skinny puppy to fucking slipknot .. so .. fuck you .. and come to think of it .. most goth chicks i know are fucking anorexic looking as fuck.. have you ever been into a hottopic store .. all the girls clothes dont go any bigger then a 13.. so ya know its kool im fat and you can judge me all you want even though you dumb cunts dont know me .. its true i think im gonna go get my vampire teeth, sit in my corner, write some shitty poetry, and slit my wrists so i can be everyones label of the term 'goth' none of you know anything
    n0kturnaldollon December 09, 2004   Link

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