"Your Best Nightmare" as written by and Sean Brennan....
Long after midnight, on a night like this
I'd sit by my black light and dream of your kiss
Pulsating music filled my room and my head
And I dreamed what it'd be like to have you in my bed

I'm your best nightmare

And then it happened, you were in my arms
Your lips on my throat your hands on my, on my
Two bodies together the intimate sin
The pain and the pleasure could do mortals in
How could you know what I'm thinking of
To me lust can be as beautiful as love
Here tonight, your pure heart and soul
Untainted passion should have no control

She asked me if I
I told her the truth
I said I'm sorry it takes me longer than you
She smiled and blushed and continued to grind
And promised to make me go out of my mind

returning her promise she came to a halt
Licking my lips I tasted her salt
Then she sat up and gasped and clutched at her breast
I thought she was coming I'd never have guessed that
As she grew pale, as white as a flower
She collapsed to the floor and was dead in an hour

I'm your best nightmare

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"Your Best Nightmare" as written by Sean Brennan


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    General CommentThis song is a subtle attempt to explain life and how peace means different things to different people.
    Adaptationon July 25, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI'm guessing its about sex?
    blackxhearton October 09, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe song is about a guy who has fantasized about sleeping with a certain girl (most likely a very moral unreachable girl) for quite some time. I take it that she loves him, and he does not love her back, from lyrics like:
    She asked me if I...
    I told her the truth
    I said
    "I'm sorry it takes me longer than you"
    To me lust can be as beautiful as love

    so... he gets his wish to sleep with her, and while they're going at it, she tells him she's going to make him go crazy and then falls over dead. My guess would be (and I know this is digging into the song a little too much) that she probably took something to off herself, because he only lusted for her and it broke her heart, and she wanted him to feel the pain she did.

    honestly this song has no deep life meanings, unless you want to buy into the lyricist having had something similar to this actually happen to him.
    AKitty0543on February 19, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI am thinking that this song is about sex and fantasies um no doubt, but the chick ends up choking on his penis or cum or something cuz of

    "...And promised to make me go out of my mind
    Returning her promise she came to a halt
    Licking my lips I tasted her salt
    Then she sat up and gasped..."

    but she likes it and it was her cuase of death so yet it was good and yet a nightmare, but she just wanted to please him for she loved him.

    or she died out of his mind for she was jsut a fantasy.

    But Besides all that it is a wonderful song.
    strangeEmon April 01, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe song is about dreaming about the perfect girl that you've always wanted and dreamed about. finnaly, he gets this girl, but as soon as he finds her, she dies on him, which is why its his "best nightmare".
    imfreakinmanon May 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI don't know that this song has any deep meaning . . . I think it's supposed to be a little funny. I mean, superficially it's basically about a guy killing a girl with sex.

    'She asked me if I...
    I told her the truth
    I said
    "I'm sorry it takes me longer than you"'

    A previous user connected these lyrics with love, but to me this song is all about lust ("To me lust can be as beautiful as love"), and these particular lyrics refer to coming during sex. Dirty, I know. ;) Anyway, he's "your best nightmare" because he's a good lay only his sex will kill ya!
    fishbloodon June 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentJeez, Sean has stated that this song is a simple fun Edward Gorey-like story about a girl who dies during sex. I mean, that's pretty obvious from the lyrics.
    SpaceCrawleron March 14, 2011   Link

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