Blitzkrieg (Blitzkrieg cover) Lyrics

GARAGE INC. (1998)

(Jones, Smith, Sirotto)
Originally recorded by Blitzkrieg in 1981

Let us have peace, let us have life,
Let us escape the cruel knife
Let us have time, let the sun shine,
Let us beware the deadly sign

The day is coming
Armageddon's near
Inferno's coming
Can we survive the blitzkrieg?
the blitzkrieg?
the blitzkrieg?

Save us from fate, save us from hate,
Save ourselves before it's too late
Come to our need, hear our plea,
Save ourselves before the earth bleeds

The day is dawning
The time is near
Alien's calling
Can we survive the blitzkrieg?
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Nov 27, 2001
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the song is written from the point of view of probably the poles and the jews

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Metallica was a death metal band which focus was on end times like themes. Whether they knew it or not, being demonically inspired, they wrote some of these songs.

This song is quite clearly referring to the Biblical end times. The concept of the Blitzkrieg, or lightning war as was described by others, plays into the end times meaning all the better.

According to the Bible the end times will come very quickly, just like the German Blitzkrieg on it's unknowing opponents. The portion of mankind who is unprepared will be taken by surprise by events unseen by the earth as God's wrath is poured out. Mankind, having no clue about what is happening, can only be taken back in shock and must plead to God as heard in the first lines of the song:

"Let us have peace, let us have life, let us escape the cruel night."

Basically, spare us, let us live, do not let us go into the darkness in which the sun will literally at one point be darkened during the tribulation period.

"Let us have time, let the sun shine, let us beware the deadly sign."

Again pleading for more time, more day light, before the sign of the sun being darkened comes.

"The day is coming, Armageddon is near"

As the tribulation period progresses the final battle on earth known as Armageddon is nearing.

"Inferno is coming, can we survive the Blitzkrieg?"

In the Bible when God pour of his wrath at the end, the earth is basically consumed with fire. This is known as the inferno. Blitzkrieg here referring to the lighting fast turn of events in which mankind will be judged. Few people will actually survive. (Those who have not taken the mark of the beast, and who have somehow survived the earths destruction by turning back to God and not being executed somehow.)

"Save us from fate, save us from hate, Save ourselves before it's too late, Come to our need, hear our plead, Save ourselves before the earth bleeds."

Again, mankind will have become so evil in the end days that much wickedness will be on the earth. A plead goes out to God to save from the fate of mankind (which is judgement by God), save from hate, and before they are killed in the end times. Again pleading for God to help and to save themselves before it is too late.

"The day is dawning, the time is near, Aliens calling, can we survive the Blitzkreig?"

Again, judgement day is coming upon mankind soon. Aliens calling refers to aliens (demonic beings) making themselves known to mankind in the end. Again a final question is pondered: can we survive the Blitzkrieg?"

The final question for you to be pondered after reading this is: What happens after we die? Well, check out this website for the truth:

I hope you find the truth before the tribulation does occur on the earth!

Song Meaning

@John336Bible they were not death metal! Barely metal! That song was written by another band and covered by Metallica! They hardly are demonic!

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This song refers to armaggedon...thats about it

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blitzkrieg is a german word, literally translated it means "lightning war"...this was a technique used by both germans and russians in world war 2 if im basically destroyed everythign in the paths of the enemy as they retreated, therefore leaving the land devastated. just interesting to

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Blitzkrieg is the art of warfare where you attack rapidly, penetrating the enemy lines and crushing his armies before he can react, hitting him with both tanks and aircraft, leaving the slowmoving infantry to mop up the remains

-history buff

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well i thought Blitzkrieg was the name the Germans gave to their rapid advance accross Europe in WW2. not sure what its significance is in this song.

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yeah realised that after i wrote confused with scorched earth...sorry! well it is still lightning perhaps its saying that when armageddon comes it'll be too fast for us to do anything...thats why we gotta see if we'll survive, cos we wont be able to fight it...which would follow with the whole doomsday thing huh...

or, another thought, maybe they use "lightning war" cos of the whole natures fury thing...perhaps saying that when the end comes, it will be because of nature self-destructing, rather than anything us humans do...

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Reminds me of the song by The Ramones "Blitzkreig Bop". Wonder why... o.O

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Blitzkrieg did mean 'Lighting War' and was used in WWII by the Nazis. I tool A-Level History, and am studing Nazi Germany. :D

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first metallica song I ever heard. love the intro

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