Its that Tiny House Nation true love with her I will live anywhere-even if she the Eith of Blair-I got the Red Sriacha heat Mars Attaccs Big Paccs-put away that Ketchup little pack-make the red roach eggs hatch-like a Red M&M Mad Bomb the Imposters last stand-like the Stan-from Scamsterdam-they my Redplum Umaboshi snaccs-Serena be doing all these commercials all of a sudden-she gonna be taking another big break in the County with red eyes on Sudan-they love my Big Slug and my Pearl-they like the 2 Cesar Chavez Ave Golden Dragons fightin over it until they hurl-they my AG Asian Girlz-looking like L.A Country Club reaching for my Big Bell in the air-feining for my Sherman Oaks secret elixar in heat on Hell's flare-I'm the Fresh Prince of Belvedere to Bel Air-welcome to the Alone Show like Vancouver Island-like East L.A Monterey Park Vancouver Ave & The Green Island-The Ala Show where we all high owered Third Eye Ridin-Murda Zone Soul Surviorz-I'm watching the King Arthur like it's a crystal ball-Connor versus Mayweather before my eyes unfolds on raw-I'm like Mike I bury it man the evil within-on Alpine Street and Sunset and keep spittin like I have doubles in the mirror mang-all while the Blacc Widow of Saturn Street with the rifle is aiming at me all the time-I been dropped the Redplum Circle while droppin traccs on Sony Sound Forge 9-how they gonna snipe?-when there Red Hourglass is out of time-Yoshi and Go Go Dodo the Grandfather Clocc Cukoo Bird runnin this life-until the end of time-they don't like my Wildstyle like Picture Me Rollin-I guess cuz they be in the closet like Danny Boy blowin-I ain't mad at cha I'm smokin on Hay in the middle of my new Hayden Place barn-the Mad Bombers final tic is disarmed-I fuccs with Angel Haze like N.I.N.A no Lil Mama she got the Block Party-no chatter this the Eye Legacy like ABI Legacy fucc a thot shawty-we Supernova Untouchables Number 9's with Lunatec millies-2Paced Up in the Thuglife City-with the Bad Moon Rising in the bacc of my Deep East City-the Spiderman of Saturn Street the sniper that web slings with no pity-the Black Widow with the 8-Ball Hourglass and Blacc Falcon tips-with a 80 round extended clip-from the East to the West it's 12 Inches of Snow in Eminem's throat-that's my Streetlife Pole-cuz I'm from Avalanche Way and Vancouver Ave area the Cold Globe-Marsha murdered it with love-Feminem blew it up like a Imposter-same way he blew up stealing my melodies like a pinching lobster-while I was on lock up with Mobsters-the Boiling Crab times a lot bruh-it's like he taught 50 how to rob cuz-like the world's one big free pot luck-I got Drago a.k.a Drakko the Dragonheart-I got the hot gas flow like he n Rai on my Henry from the start-living on the edge abyss like Edricc as I journey thru the Darks Bad Parts-we rollin in stolen G-Ride Body Carts-just ask Megan like me Garfield Ave ninja in Da Park-I got the Master of the Game Gemini-I open it with my Dragonheart and let Odin fly-feel the Heartfire when the King of Heartz spits suicide-not telling you to kill yourself just saying Seppuku is the side-Death Before Dishonor Ronin Pride-we be on that Drago Captain Kirk-on a Hoodstar Trek mission to save the turfs-and the Earth-like Pac said it's fucced when you keep it real and get hated-but the same ones hating be the fakest-and get love for straight faking-muthauccas just can't live up to our real expectations-so they wanna fall off and be faking-and expect fake love from haters with there sitting ovations-stand up for yourself and be real amongst the lovers n haters-and don't feed in to easily to the negating-but at the same time be cautious with your congratulations-"Only God Can Judge Us"-ain't no human God so that's just a opinion that could be made of mud-and not Mother Nature's love-but from Father Silver Surfer that be on that FTW until it's done-foolish pride will get you life-and being smart and wise-will save pride-and keep you alive-words can't hurt me why?-I'm to solid for a feeble mind-that wanna goat like a snake from behind-burn those bridges so the foul sneaky ones can't creep bacc into your good plight-gotta weight your relationships on the scale of wrong ad right-you gotta be your own Third Eye-

Lyrics submitted by KRC-Roseland Ent-The Pac-Planet9

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