I am a singer, a Lyricist
a self proclaimed

I sometimes draw
and write stories
but don't make
a living from it

I push carts until dark
at night I sleep like the dead
I work hard for a living
that's how I pay rent

I buy too many CDs
more than I could need
endless music for me
through a 20 disc feed

my Bass plays my thoughts
in musical form
thunderous and loud
a musical storm

this familiar ringing in my ears
the deep frequencies, vibrations
the sound that I want I've got the right gear

from bass to pedal through pedal
through pedal to mono-tron to amp
all instruments are mine for the
taking and playing and more

I am a bit crazy
but also pretty lazy
sometimes I just... uh...

how many albums do I have to make until I am satisfied?
How hard do I really have to play until it all feels right?
Will I really be happy once all is said and done?
Is there a reason I don't come undone?
I Push you away how far will I fall?
If I hit the ground should crawl?
Should I even move at all?
When it's done it's over
look away from me
no one will see
not anymore
never again

I am not as weird as I seem
though I push the limits
just to seem more obscene
could it be? what you see isn't me?

how could you know what i say is real
blurting out everything that I feel
my brain is an endless array of events
thoughts, pictures and surreal contents

not much else left to say
I think of girls and rhymes all day
stories, bad drawings and music to play
my fun and true love in every way

even with this data you still don't know me
a little more information but not explained fully
look at my outer shell and what do you see?
Just the tip of an iceberg, glacier sized far beneath

yeah you keep looking,
and explain what you see
because what you view
is only partially me

Lyrics submitted by surivra

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