I needed something to eat
I took a walk down the street
I came to 318
Saw my sweet Magdalene

Magdalena, you're the meanest, oh
Magdalena, you're the meanest, oh
Magdalena, sweet Magdalene

I went down deep in her hive
One year just turned into five
Night came and then it was gone
How did you get so strong

Magdalena, just between us, oh
You're the meanest, and the leanest, oh
Magdalena, how'd you get so strong

Magdalena, Magdalena, oh
Magdalena, Magdalena, oh

And then we started to drag
Me and my Maggie-mag-mag
I begged her please no no no
She said she got to go go go go go go

Magdalena, just between us, oh
You're the meanest, Magdalena, oh
Magdalena, you're the meanest, oh
Magdalena, Magdalena, oh
Magdalena, Magdalena

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Magdalena 318 Lyrics as written by Charles Thompson

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    My InterpretationI feel like this song is talking about a guy looking for casual sex, and finding a much more complicated woman underneath the seemingly 'easy' Magdalena.

    He notices, but ignores it until Magdalena outgrows him, eventually leaving him begging her not to go.

    It's a great song.
    Pikachuyon April 21, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI had kind of a similar thought as Pikachuy, except to me the song is about this guy who meets a prostitute named Magdalena, probably named after Mary Magdalene who is believed to have been a prostitute before she traveled with Jesus.

    So as the song goes, the guy is walking down the street looking for a place to get something to eat when he comes to 318, probably an address of some kind but the number also has biblical references too, and that's when he first sees Magdalena, who is probably working the streets. The guy begins to see her every night. In the line where he says "I went down deep in her hive" I think implies that he went so deep into her world that he becomes infatuated with her. Before he knows it, five years goes by. At this point, it seems that Magdalena looses interest in the guy. The next line he says "And then we started to drag". Somewhere along the way they lost that passion that they once felt. Magdalena decides to leave the guy and move on with her life. The guy begs her to stay but she just tells him that she's got to go. So now the guy is heart broken and thinks she's the meanest for just leaving home like that. Also in the part where he says "how'd you get so strong" I'm guessing means that the guy is wondering how Magdalena had the strength to leave, cause he believes that she felt the same way about him, but in reality their love was just an illusion.
    Vulture34on February 04, 2016   Link

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