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For Her Lyrics

After the war
I was for ten of those years of yore
Lost in the sea
By a harsh god's agency

But through the years
Love urged my will to be solid and clear
And for my wife
I risked the loss of my life

[Bridge I:]
For her
I did not eat lotus from its twig
For her
The sorceress could not change me into pig
For her
I blinded the Cyclops' single eye
The cannibals did not make me die
All for her

For her
I worked my way
For her
I moved away
From my Destiny
Shipping across the sea
For her
I could resist
In my frail heart, the Fortune's twist
And I was the last
True hero from the past
Sailor, come here...
I hear a trace of the ocean noise
The move of waves is like a voice
Hero come near
I can hold on with a tight rope
I've got a hope

[Bridge II:]
For her
I could put up with the nymph for long
For her
I could escape from the soft sirens song
For her
I had to face the women delight
And nobody could defeat me in fight
Just for her
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The lyrics are inspired by The Odyssey. One of the main themes of the Odyssey is Odysseus' love for his wife and longing to return to his family. the song recounts all of the adventures and hardships he endured while stranded at sea for a decade following the Trojan War, and adds that it was only his love for his wife that gave him the strength to persevere through each one.

It's a beautiful song, and shares a lot of similarity with Symphony X's The Oddyssey (their take on the epic poem).

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For a comparison, try "the Odyssey" from Symphony X.

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