When the golden dusk covers me
And the beams play with the trees
Memories so come to my heart
Because the guardian of the dreams departs

Who stole my illusions?
Who stole my hopes?
Why didi the light off
And since I grope?
Where will I find the force
To untie the past's rope
in my soul?

Go on
Within the black night of the age
getting my sadness turn to rage
Even oblivion
So feeling will be free again
the dreams will break the chains
flying to the eternity

Sometimes in dreams I see her eyes
Watching me like wells of lies
Those in the cold cloak odf the night
Were my sole flame , of whom I was acolyze



Where are the guardians of the dreams? Return to me
Tell me answers that my mind will


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The Night Of The Age song meanings
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    General CommentThis is not only my all-time favorite symphonic power metal song, but also my all-time favorite song! The composition of this song is absolutely terrrific and I still find new details within it! Especially, the chorus:
    G#m D#/G D# E
    Go on! Within the black night of the age, getting my
    H F#m/C#
    sadness, turn to rage

    D# E F# H
    Even ob- li – vi - on

    F#/Bb D#/G G#m G#m/Bb
    So feeling will be free again,

    G#/H D#m D#m/Bb D#m E
    the dreams will break the chains, flying to the

    I think the song is about someone who dreams for the past and his memories. He feels like all that he once had is now gone and he now wants to get on in his life = "where will I find the force to untie the past's rope in my soul"
    In the chorus we are introduced to his current state of mind, where nothing could be worse: "The black night of the age" He has now become an oblivion, and the only way he can escape his own misery, is to free all his inner feelings and just dream away. Because, unlike himself, dreams can last eternally ("fly to the eternity")
    In the 2. verse we are told that he sometimes "see her eyes" watching him like wells of lies. We get a suspicion about that she is the reason why he feels so horrible. I don't know what the word acolyze means, but it seems like that "she" has broken his heart by lying to him or something like that, and he now knows that she might have been cheating on him...presuming that the song is about a broken relationship - but I seriously don't know! But in the "bridge" where it says : "where are the guardians...ect." It seems like he has realized that his illusive dreams can't cover and heal the scars of his past and he calls "the guardians" to answer his question: Why did things end up like this?

    Correct me if I'm wrong. It's just my interpretation...
    stiffmeisteron November 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOk, I can see that the chords were misplaced in proportion to the lyrics of the chorus, after I posted my first comment here... but I know that the chords are right, so I just hope that you can "figure it out" if you wanna play it sometime...
    stiffmeisteron November 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWell, Idk if the lyrics are completed butin the "Where are the guardians of the dreams? Return to me
    Tell me answers that my mind will" I noticed it wasn's finished, I think it says "my mind will leave behind" or 'will leave my..."something. Other than that, this song is too good to be true, these guys can come up with great stuff.
    Username1on April 09, 2007   Link

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