As the sun starts to set in a western sky, we choke on the smoke from a sea of fire. A pelican struggles covered in oil, as we pour more toxins into the soil.
A child in Sudan suffers from dehydration, while giant corporations push for water privatization. Angola is raped for its its oil reserves, the natives cry out but we are deaf to their words. Warplanes fly over the innocents heads, maimed survivors pray for death in hospital beds. Spouting lies that blessed are the meek, another priest molests because his flesh is weak. Corrupt judges dine with CEOs, making deals behind closed doors it's the way that it goes. A farce media keeps us in line with fear, reports only reflecting the interest of our puppeteers. Your told if you fight back you'll be rewarded with a cell or a vengeful god might drag you down to hell, but I'll say fuck you to religion and capitalism is a disease. I spit in the face of your army and police!

Religious fundamentalist push back gay rights, fascist gangs attack immigrants in front of our eyes. The border states are passing stricter laws trying to break apart Mexican American homes. Burmese villagers bury their dead thanks to chevron's money that keeps the junta fed. The school of America's is training assassins, the state department funds blackwater's actions. The FBI labels the E.L.F. as a terrorist group, While the USA supports gunning down Palestinian youth. When a child is murdered and becomes a martyr its no wonder that a mother becomes a suicide bomber. But we are taught to be patriotic and give our support, indoctrinated by lies since the day we are born. Pharmaceutical companies tighten the hold keeping us in front of the TV set where our identity is sold. Your told if you fight back you'll be rewarded with a cell or a vengeful god might drag down you to hell, but I'll say fuck you and your power to hell with all the greed. I would rather die alone then fall for your schemes!

Some how we subconsciously ignore what's reality and live lifestyles that sell out our humanity.
For a safe suburban home or an apartment in the town with a pint after work to wash your sorrows down. Its easy ignore the suffering when you cant hear their screams its easy to ignore the outside world when your in front of a screen. Confined within the walls of apathy locked in our self made chains. We want to make a difference but do we really want to change? This constant rein of terror will not always last the more they try push us the more we will push back! Their forces gather against us for its darkest before the dawn but as long as we have each other we have the strength to carry on. The day people are united and remove the blinders from their eyes will be the day we can say that imperialism died.

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