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Jane, Jane, Jane Lyrics

Jane, Jane, Jane, mark my bonnie Jane
As sweet as sugar in the cane, don't be ashamed.
Jane cannot see. She's as blind as she can be,
But the prettiest girl in all the world to me.

Jane, Jane, Jane, with the pretty, pretty face,
Dressed in rags she still looks like a queen.
Jane, Jane, Jane, she should be in silk and lace,
The prettiest girl that you have ever seen.


Jane, Jane, Jane, she has no mom or dad.
She's all alone but still she is not sad.
The wild birds sing a song, her little dog tags along.
To hear her laughter makes my poor heart glad.


I know Jane is sweet by the sounding of her feet.
I see her beauty when she speaks to me.
If she could see me now, my love to her I'd vow
But I couldn't love her more if I could see.


But I couldn't love her more if I could see.
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Feb 06, 2012
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