"Little Hell" as written by and Dallas John Green....
What if I can't be all that you need me to be?
We've got a good thing going, we have some promises to keep.
But my addiction, it can be such a detriment.
Please believe in this my dear, I am more than penitent.

What if everything's just the way that it will be?
Could it be that I am meant to cause you all this grief?
My warship's a-lying off the coast of your delicate heart,
And my aim is steady and true as it's been right from the start.

There's a degree of difficulty in dealing with me.
From my haunted past comes a daunting task of living through memories.
If we could just hang a mirror on the bedroom wall
Stare into the past, and forget it all

So when we leave it'll be a quick midnight escape.
We'll disconnect ourselves from all of yesterday.
I'll dig for water and fashion our very own wishing well.
Then, we'll throw our coins down hoping to rid us of this little hell.

There's a degree of difficulty in dealing with me.
From my haunted past comes a daunting task of living through memories.
If we could just hang a mirror on the bedroom wall
Stare into the past, and forget it all

Will we get out of this little hell?
Will we get out of this little hell?
Will we get out of this little hell?
Will we get out of this little hell?

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"Little Hell" as written by Dallas John Green

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    General CommentThe song is about going through "all the little trials and tribulations that you have to go to, to get to, what you want." Dallas said this in a video on the album. He also stated that it personally is one of his favorite songs. I just love this.
    Dave7770on July 01, 2011   Link
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    General CommentHonestly, this is probably one of the best songs I have ever heard. I have no words to describe Dallas's voice. It's beyond perfect.
    sunsetssilhouettedreamson June 10, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is probably my favourite off Dallas' new album, the lyrics are just brilliant. It reminds me of "Sensible Heart," with how emotional, honest and simple sounding it is. To me it's about being in a relationship, but not being able to be there 100% for the other person and causing them problems...but they still stay with you. He doesn't mean to hurt the other person, but he does due to his "haunted past" and "addiction."

    Also, the correct lyrics are "But my ADDICTION - it can be such a detriment." Does anyone know what his addiction could be? I don't think he's an alcoholic or anything, maybe it has to do with how he dwells on the past?

    Last thing, I was wondering about this line, "If we could just hang a mirror on the bedroom wall, stare into the past, and forget it all." What exactly does hanging a mirror on the bedroom wall mean? How does it relate to the past?

    mywordsareweaponson June 10, 2011   Link
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    General CommentMakes me want to cry every time.

    I'm in a relationship with someone with haunted past. We have our ups and downs. Sometimes you have days when it doesn't feel like it will ever be okay again. That I will never be see them smile again.
    It is awful. You start to wonder what you are putting yourself through and why. The answer is always the same. They are worth it. So goddamn worth it.
    justmemorieson July 08, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is so very powerful....litteraly the power to change someones life. In my life and in my relationship with the woman of my dreams, (who I Love more than could ever be described by any words)I am the one who's "addiction is such a detriment" and there has deffinetly been "difficulty in dealing with me".
    I have been a member of 12 step programs for many years and have struggled to stay clean. Three weeks ago, my addiction once again became a demon that litteraly took everything that is important to me. One thing that has always eluded me is faith that there is a God and that he is the grand architect of all that happens and shapes who we are as human beings. Don't get me wrong I have always embraced the "idea" of god and always thought that it is a good way to live life. But being human I tend to want to control things and always thought that with best intentions and efforts, in my ignorance, I am the one who makes life what it is.
    I was feeling very low the other day about how shitty life has become and trying to make sense of how I could have done this once again. I played this song. I instantly started crying.
    The first set of verses were exactly what I was thinking and my soul was feeling so much pain about the choices I had made and feeling horrible that I of myself could have hurt this beautiful amazing woman that has loved me even through my shortcomings.
    I then really started to listen. The second set of verses made me realize something that I never believed. In it he speaks of how he is questioning if this is all meant to be. He asks two questions and I started trhinking about that. Who was he talking too? was he questioning himself. I believe he was having realization of something..... at least it made me realize something....
    He kept speaking and said, "My Warship a-lying of the coast of your delicate heart and my aim is steady and true as it's been right fom the start". So why do we do these things? I believe he was also questioning the same as I was why in all his best efforts and intentions, even though he loved her from the bottom of his heart he was still destroying her and wondering why? Sometimes in life we get so far off track that we cause ourselves and the people we love pain. Is that because we are bad people? That is what I always wondered, but deep down I know that I am not. Again I ask why these things happen...
    The answer is that God is real. He is also more powerful and loving than I ever imagined... He loves us so much that he is willing to let us live our life and make our mistakes and have our journey without him if that is what we are doing... Even if it hurts him. But he is there in every moment and everything to watch over us and to care for us no matter how difficult we make it for ourselves.He allows us to hurt and feel pain so that one day he hopes we will be humbled enough to realize that being human we will never be perfect and never be able to live up to what our own expectations of self or life. Life is hard at the best of times... He wants the best for us and gives us signs everywhere that he loves us and his whole purpose is to carry us when we can't carry ourselves and to provide us with miracles and lives that are so much more than we could ever imagine or dream. Sometimes we are to self centered to realize everything that I have just mentioned, but God doesn't punish us for that or even care that we sometimes are outright defiant of what his desires are for us.... Imagine a parent and how much they love us unconditionally.... but even more loving and powerful and with the ability to create everything we see from the farthest and most wondrous star to the flowers that I gave my Love ;)... and all he wants is for us to be humble, know he is their and to treat others the best that we can... with love.

    Hope this helps someone.... God bless and keep you safe in your life :) Love ANONYMOUS
    doublediamond80on November 08, 2011   Link
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    General Commentpogopantheon345, i dunno why that just gave me butterflies in my stomach the way you described your relationship.
    newbienon June 18, 2011   Link
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    General Comment"If we could just hang a mirror on the bedroom wall, stare into the past, and forget it all."
    This could simply just mean he wants them to look at themselves, really look at themselves, look into their past.

    This song is most definitely about Leah Miller, his wife. Little hell is a phrase sometimes used to describe married life.
    MayaLynnon June 21, 2011   Link
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    General CommentDallas is a genius.. This song is the perfect description of dealing with your demons and having someone their to help you get through them. Every time the song comes on my mind instantly goes to my girlfriend and how lucky I am that she is their for me. Great song cant wait to see him in Cleveland in November!
    stormin82012on July 21, 2011   Link

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