"Ritual" as written by and A Ghoul Writer....
Tonight we're summoned for a divine cause
Remembrance, no
But for their future loss

This chapel of ritual
Smells of dead human sacrifices
From the altar

Beduins and nomads
Carried through the times
Through pestilences and famines
These ancient scrolls of rhymes

Our fallen angel vexed was banished from the sky
Recite now from the text pray for all to die

This chapel of ritual
Smells of dead human sacrifices from the altar bed
On this night of ritual, yeah, invoking our master
To procreate the unholy bastard

Our father
Who art in hell unhallowed be thy name
Cursed be the sons and daughters
Of thine nemesis whom are to blame
Thy kingdom come nema

Tonight we summoned for his unholy being
Now celebrate the end

This chapel of ritual
Smells of dead human sacrifices from the altar bed
And on this night of ritual invoking our master
To procreate the unholy bastard

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"Ritual" as written by A Ghoul Writer

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    My InterpretationAs @timshanks1 so concisely summed it up ... this song is about Satan. The fall and worship of him.

    "Our fallen angel vexed
    Was banished from the sky"

    Describes God banishing Satan (who was an angel).

    "Our father
    Who art in hell
    Unhallowed be thy name
    Cursed be the sons and daughters
    Of thine Nemesis
    Whom are to blame
    Thy kingdom come"

    Describes Hell (Satan's world) and then curses heaven, God and followers, before delivering the line that Satan's realm will rise and rule the land (and skies?) again.
    sokornyon April 13, 2016   Link
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    Song MeaningThe song isn't about Satan, its about Lucifer, and outside of Christianity, they are NOT the same thing. Its also a reference to Luciferian Ritual practiced by occultists and the Freemasons, which Tobias Forge is a member of. If fact most of Ghost's songs are Masonic tributes. Square Hammer and From the Pinnacle to the Pit being the most prominent two. If you don't believe me, do a little research on Masonic symbolism, the Freemason practice of Luciferian Ritual, and what Ghost is REALLY all about.

    Its not christian satanism, its often portrayed in that light because we as westerners understand and identify with the stories of the bible and our societies are based on the christian religion (the Papa Emeritus character is also intended to create an association of the catholic church and specifically the pope with satan or the anti-christ). But if you do a little research on that topic, you'll find that Lucifer was never a "bad" or "evil" character in the previous Pagan religions or ever before christianity. In fact Lucifer and Venus, the Roman goddess, were essentially the same person/principal. Venus/Lucifer is a god of the underworld, one who brings about death and rebirth, and they were represented this way because during the summer, there is a 3 day period where Venus the planet descends below the western horizon and isn't visible. But after the 3 days, it begins to rise early in the evening in the east again - death, transcending the underworld, and being reborn anew in 3 days. . .does that story sound familiar to anyone? (im taking about jesus).

    Christianity basically stole all of its philosophy and idol representation from the ancient Greeks and Romans, The Stoics and the Pagans. They took ALL of the underworld gods, who had previously represented death and rebirth, and combined them into the meta-boogyman Satan. And turned the underworld, which was once a profoundly important place in the lives of humans, and made it hell, a one way street where at the end is eternal suffering. It helped massively to reinforce the slave/master relationship christians must exist in with their god to appease him. It was just another way christianity used fear to control people. And people like Occultists and Freemasons and numerous others understand all of this, they know the original, the empowering and uplifting Luciferian story, not the chirstian version which is NOTHING but negative and inhibitory to progress for the entire humans species.

    Google the Luciferian story. Google Masonic symbolism and ritual. Google why our founding fathers, all but one of which were Masons, set up our system they way they did - I'll give ya a little spoiler - it was to prevent the goddamn Catholics from taking over our government and education system like at that time they had in almost the entirety of Europe and Asia.

    And after all that - watch the videos for Pinnacle to the Pit and Square Hammer, read the lyrics to Ritual again and a number of their other songs. You'll see. Ghost (the ghost being the reborn human after a symbolic death) is trying to open the eyes of humanity and are doing it in one of the most creative and clever and impressive ways mankind will ever see. It does bum me out that so few people have caught on, but battling indoctrination and 2000 years of brainwashing is not an easy task. But the few genuine truth seekers out there, who want to find the truth and not guard what they already believe - they will see the real message being conveyed, they'll see the true light and receive true sight, they'll discover what it means to become a transcendent being. And everyone can experience this, its a matter of choice, and all you have to do is choose to value truth over your own current belief, to accept that you are probably wrong about most of what you believe about the world and ESPECIALLY about yourself. Its NOT easy, but if you can do it, you will live a better life than 99.9% of the other humans who have ever lived. And its quite literally as simple as CHOOSING to orient yourself more toward the truth than you previous were, it will cause a domino effect of positive, live altering, live affirming events that will persist until you no longer do in the physical world.

    All you have to do is let go - and start to really look.
    timwins31on December 30, 2018   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song's about Satan.
    timshanks1on August 26, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song, as well as Con Clavi Con Dio, very well establishes that this isn't some standard rock or metal album and they aren't just some band, they are agents of Satan come to do his work on earth and they performing a ritual, not a rock show. Really helps set the mood that you're watching/listening to a dark mass.
    chadwick57on June 26, 2016   Link

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