modoredo saa tooryanse
megutte mo arijigoku

byakue no sarashi ni
nijinda chi no chizu
tadotte anata no yowami ni tsukekomitai

uroko no yoroi wo
hyakuhira hagashite
rokushou no hana de sange shite mairou

koi ni chuugi wo chikai
uragiri ni wa seppuku
noboritsumete gekokujou
watashi wa mou danzetsu
higeki meite himegimi ranshin

nigekomu rouka ni
kage hiku chitenjou
koko nara onaji akumu ga shitataru wa

ai to wa ikusa de katte mo makete mo
futari wa hitori to hitori de shikanai no

koi no seisai ukete
kurushimi ni wa kaishaku
nete mo samete mo ransei
anata wa mou shikkyaku
guren hanatsu
kuro tenshukaku

ippen shinde kudasaru

ai to wa ikusa de
ikite mo shinde mo
donna ni sashite mo
konna ni tsuite mo
mushinoiki de mo mada
semetarinai deshou

koi no awase kagami ga
utsushidasu wa shinjuu
mochitsumotaretsu joudo
anata to nara shinjuu
harete meido e meoto douchuu

moippen shinde kudasaru

modoredo mada tooryanse
megutte mo arijigoku

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    TranslationEnglish translation:

    Whether you keep going or turn back
    Come on, I'll let you pass
    Because no matter where you go
    You'll still be trapped in the antlion's pit...

    On the bleached cotton of your white coat
    Is a map stained with blood
    I want to follow it and take advantage of your weaknesses

    Tear your scaled armor into 100 pieces
    And let us go now
    To die glorious deaths with these verdigris petals

    Swearing loyalty to love
    And then committing seppuku in betrayal
    The ones below overcome the ones above
    And soon, I will be divided
    Into the appearance of tragedy, a princess going insane!

    As you hide in the corridor
    The bloody ceiling pulls on your shadow
    And the same nightmares drip down into this place

    It doesn't matter whether we win or lose this war called love
    You and I are alone and have no choice but to be alone

    Accepting the sanctions of love
    And then asking for a suicide assistant when in pain
    Whether sleeping or awakening, these times are chaotic
    And soon, you will be overthrown
    As I shoot crimson lotuses at you
    From this dark castle tower!

    Just this once, will you please die?

    In this war called love
    It doesn't matter whether you live or die
    Or even how much you are stabbed
    Or even the way that you're hit
    And even these dying breaths
    Will still not be enough to blame me with

    The bronze mirror that is joined together with love
    Is reflecting a divine beast
    If I commit a double suicide with you
    We can help each other out in the Pure Land
    As a couple journeying to the sunny realm of the dead!

    Once again, will you please die?

    Whether you keep going or turn back
    I'll still let you pass
    Because no matter where you go
    You'll always be trapped in the antlion's pit...
    Katowlon November 19, 2010   Link

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