[Verse One]
Hey yo the second that my rhyme drops
I'll leave minds blocked
With more blind spots than a cyclops
I stalk the sidewalks looking for rappers who want to battle Esoteric
The only breath control today we hold cuz' all the lands are shiftin'
I'm doing just what you expected: rippin' the mic in half
Striking pyschopaths, slappin' at your writing staff
Iconic clash then presario
Me and 7L choppin' rhythms like a Navajo
I'm a throw wack kids into the water rapids
Hijack the kayak I'm the venus fly trap
You nothing but a lilac
You got a battle rhyme you better hide that
I leave you side-tracked like double vinyl
My rebuttal's final
so save your little comeback with one rap that leaves you with a hunchback and dunce cap
Rung tracks are under my spell
Your DJ, he's not on the cut he's in the cut hiding from 7L
You better tell us of his whereabouts
Because we're about torment,
check the def rhymes I'm sendin'

[HOOK: 7L]
On the microphone def rhymes I'm sending
Def, def, def, def rhymes I'm sending
On the microphone def rhymes I'm sending
Def, def, def, def rhymes I'm sending
On the microphone def rhymes I'm sending
Def, def, def, def rhymes I'm sending
{Scratching} Listen to the ace as I rock the place

[Verse Two]
Your so delicate and fragile on the microphone
That when I knock you into next week
I'll package you in styrofoam
That alone, silence your cheese like natron nomes
I shatter domes when I flip it like a palindrome
Rap is ridiculous now this astrophysicist
I send them back to Earth to melt the whack fentiforist
Witness this I'm taking theories of these scientists
I'm provin' them wrong yeah your crew is wrong
Now move it along,
It's Esoteric, 7L is on the crossfade
We toss gradades at your stage so get a blockade
Superlative, lyricism is affirmative
I'm sick of hearin' who these rappers think they working with
You couldn't sweet talk your rock into a beatbox
I swing from treetops like Ewoks
And land cheap shots on your weakspots
Speed not to ?????
I play some ????? on conveyorbelts
The fader melts when I take this, turntabilist
By his pancreas put the tone off
Through his own arm
Mentally sound like a sonar
Extending, with the def rhymes I'm sending


[Verse Three]
I raise your IQ to mine because I know your scared of heights
Scared of tearin' mics rapper's like you should be wearin' tights
I'm a strike the Metropolitan, bottling my oxygen from fresh air
On air and off air
Even In a lawn chair
I cause fear like a bomb scare
I keep the beat like a lawsuit
From a rock group with a heart loop
Your out or you development like a Yetti
In the Sernegetty, or the Sasquatch from the catwalk
My rap stalks the track cops
I'm catching all you foul ballers like a rap star
You say I say my name too much
But I bet you say it more than me once the mic gets clutched
Your rap sucks, like algae
Throwing that powsy wowsy
Pretended, check the def rhymes I'm sending

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