"white horse" as written by and Scott William Matthew....
shepherd me from pain and the doubt
through the broken streets and the hearts
herd me home through hurt and the past
then leave me alone you have no choice
and now there is a white horse caged in my heart
and it's going to kill me just to get out
now there is a white horse caged in my heart
and it's trying to kill me just to get out
though we're different creeds, wear different masks
If you only could conceive that there's a chance
and hell is bent on showing me the dark
shepherd me to light, make it stop.

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    Song MeaningThis is my absolute favourite song :)

    It took me long to understand what this is about, it is a song that grew on me, I think.
    When I heard it first, I did not really like it. I do not even like any other of his songs; maybe I should listen to them some more times. For a few weeks, I listened to this song all day long. Yeah well who cares :D

    I'll just say what I think this song means.

    Scott Matthews sings about being in such a mess, everything's terrible and you see no end of the pain. I think everyone has to point out for himself what this means, for me it was a horrible end of a relationship. And I wanted to help me to get trough everything, to shepherd me from all the pain and the heartache and the betrayal so bad, I wanted someone who could just explain to me what this all was about and how I could get rid of it.
    I think everyone knows this feeling, “herd me home through hurt and the past“, if you just think that you can‘t do it alone and you need someone to get you out.
    But then again you are the only one who can really stop all this, and no one can do this for you. “then leave me alone you have no choice“

    And although it hurts so much you have to go trough the hurt, so that the white horse (I think it’s a metaphor for the hope) can get out of its cage which is your heart. Or maybe the white horse is everything good that happened but is unimportant now and you have to let it go before the pain can leave.

    But the song is not really about how you got to do that or how you can fix yourself again, it’s just about the endless pain which make you feel so small and helpless. Hell keeps on showing the dark and they keep on bringing you down.
    And deep down you know everyone has felt this way before, no matter what they tell or what masks they wear. Deep down everyone felt lost before at some point and could not take it anymore.

    Oh, I really love this song.
    Roxxon January 03, 2011   Link

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