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Little Bird Lyrics

little bird on the high wire
wish you would come down to earth
peck a kiss upon my shoulder
leave a mark, and make me better

if you take off your mask
i swear to you
i will cut my past
- habits, and the end
will never start

and i
- am absolutely sure
i'm all yours

happy songs, they've work for some
if i'm not wrong, this is my first one
now that i have stopped my crying
peck a kiss upon this smile

i am absolutely true
i love you
i love you
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Jan 30, 2007
5 Meanings
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i'm pretty sure the " am absolutely shocked how are you" is supposed to be "i'm absolutely sure i'm all yours"

at least that is what it sounds like.

beautiful song by the way. i love ukelele and i'm delighted that he made it sound so fragile and pretty instead of plain dorky.

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TX9, yup, think you are right. tks for the corrections.

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Little bird on a high wire, I wish you would come down to Earth and, peck your kiss upon my shoulder, leave a mark and make me better

If you take off your mask. I swear to you I'd work on my past, Habits and the end will never start

And I am absolutely sure, how are yours?

Happy songs they've worked for some, If I'm not wrong this is my first one. Now that I have stopped my crying, Peck a kiss upon this smile and,

I am absolutely true I love you I love you.

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And I am absolutely sure, how are yours?....

I'm all yours makes much more sense.

Sorry. I heard wrong.

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tks for the amendments.

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