"I Walk On Guilded Splinters" as written by and John Creaux....
People think they jive me,
Know they must be crazy.
I don't see their misfortune,
Guess I'm just too lazy.
Ju suie le grand zomb' baby,
My yellow belt of choison.
Ain't afraid of a she-rat,
Fill my brains with, fill up my brains with poison.

Walk through the fire, children
And you fly through the smoke, oh yeah. .
Sssee my enemy on the end of a
On the end, on a rope.
Gris-gris on your doorstep,
And soon you'll be in the gutter, children
Melt melt your heart like butter now,
I can make you, o-o-oh, I can make you ssstutter (Kon)...

Kon killy, killy kon kon
Walk on guilded splinters.
Kon killy, killy kon kon
Walk on guilded splinters (oh yeah).

Why don't you throw away my coffee,
And put poison in my chalice.
That's when pride begins to fade, yeah, oh,
You feel my malice.
Why don't you try walkin' on pins and needles
You will see what they can do.
Now walk on guilded splinters
With the King of the Zulu (yeah, yeah).

Kon killy, killy kon kon
Walk on guilded splinters, oh yeah,
Kon killy, killy kon kon
Walk on guilded splinters (oh yeah).

Went upstairs to pack my,
My leavin' trunk, yeah,
Ain't never seen the ghost whiskey man, yeah,
Just stop and run, no.
I don't need no whiskey, oh
I'm no whiskey man,
Make it stop and run.
A black cat passed through this way-ay,
Hoo yeah, there goes the neighborhood.
Ooh yeah. I'm cryin' now.

Now we have to take it home (oh yeah).
Now we have to take it home.
When we left some with us while we were here.
Yay, yay.
Heyeah! You wanna hear it. Here it is (listen). Get down.

Kon killy, killy kon kon
Walk on guilded splinters, (oh yeah, yeah),
Kon killy, killy kon kon
Walk on guilded splinters, (Yeah my baby).

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"I Walk on Guilded Splinters" as written by John Creaux

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    General CommentTRIPPED OUT
    mgizmo2005on April 25, 2011   Link
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    General CommentMany parts of the lyrics consist of New Orleans dialect, like "dey misfortune" or "dey rope," and slang like "kon kon" or the "Ti" before a name ("Ti Alberta"), both, I think, used to express affection, and even a bit of the French that is spoken in NO as well ("Je suis the Grand Zombie"). More NO references are found in the "king of the Zulu," which refers to the Mardi Gras carnival, and the "gris gris," which is a voodoo talisman.

    Other than that there's some typical American slang used in many blues songs, like "tom cat" (=woman-chaser) or "they jive me" (=they tease/fool me).

    This album, and most of all this song, achieved seeping New Orleans' cultural spirit into the mainstream of the late 1960s music scene, with its hypnotizing mix of swampy blues, gospel, and soulful R&B.
    terrycraigon September 15, 2014   Link

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