"Significant Other" as written by and Steven John Wilson....
Pullin' back from the precipice
Feel so small now, stars shine bright above
Don't know why
Receive a better life for a song
Can't but try, other leads apply

Lookin' up at tragic rush on underground
Birds will turn and fly
Don't know why
Passin' through the day, only child
Breathe a sigh, other leads apply

Raining all day, trying to reach you
Feel so helpless, can't stop counting time (but in)
Don't know why, hands (something) stealin' my heart
Graceful dives', other leads apply* (rain down from the sky)

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"Significant Other" as written by Steven John Wilson

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Significant Other song meanings
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    General Comment"Pulling back from the precipice. Feel so small now, stars shine bright above." He has decided not to end his life or make some big mistake. Now he feels small in the light from the stars and the size of the universe.

    "Don't know why, receive a better life for a song." Why should he receive a better life than others just for making music?

    "Can't but try, other leads apply" I don't know, he can't help but try as other careers apply for his attention.

    "Lookin' up at tragic rush on underground" People are trying to reach inside of themselves and are failing.

    "Birds will turn and fly. Don't know why. Passin' through the day, only child." Some people (the birds) can turn and fly away without looking inside of themselves, passing the day like children with no purpose.

    "Breathe a sigh, other leads apply" Maybe, he's happy he has a purpose in music and/or he is happy he is not stuck with music, other leads apply.

    "Rainin' all day, trying to reach you. Feel so helpless, can't stop counting time" He is trying to reach the purpose within himself. He feels hopeless and cannot stop noting how long he has failed.

    I think the lighter voice is the personification of his purpose speaking to him. I wish I could understand exactly what she is saying but the voice is too deeply buried.

    (But in time)" Don't know why
    (Warning, *something*) Hands above are stealing my heart
    (Poison) Graceful dives
    (Rain down from) Other leads apply
    (the sky)

    The voice is telling him that poison rains down from the sky above, i.e. outside influences will change him and ruin his chance at finding her (his purpose). He says that he doesn't know why other forces must come in to steal his heart. He takes graceful dives inside his persona but other purposes continue to apply.
    Galt2112on August 11, 2010   Link
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    General CommentAny ideas for the last lines? I really would like to have the complete lyrics.

    My try:

    Can't stop counting time
    (But aim down) Don't know why
    (Whining, good night) Hands above are stealing my heart
    (Poisened) Graceful dives
    (Rain down from) Other leads apply
    (the sky)
    XCrusherXon September 29, 2009   Link
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    General Commentnot entirely sure what this is about...
    anyone else notice that it has the words "only child" in it, which is the next song on the album? not sure if this has any significance, but could there be a possibility that they are linked? or is it just coincidence?
    PorcTreeon March 19, 2013   Link
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    General CommentMy interpretation on the last verse:

    Waited all day, trying to reach you
    Feel so helpless, can't stop counting time
    (Put under warning from high)
    Don't know why, hands upon are stealing my
    (Roses will rain down from the sky)
    Graceful dives, other leads apply
    BitterBoshon July 19, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningHere's my opinion:

    In the first verse he references a decision that needs to be made. Standing at the edge of a cliff, with the stars above, trying to decide if he should jump, or if there are other options out (other leads apply).

    In the second verse he's imagining what would happen if he did jump to his death, with a tragic rush (falling) on underground, ie 6 feet under. Taking a breath, what are the other options, other leads apply.

    In the third verse he's trying to reach a significant other, I'm guessing a failing relationship. Again, he mentions graceful dives as an option, and he's looking for other ways out of his current mental state, other leads apply.

    This song is about a person contemplating suicide.
    tim1015448on March 12, 2017   Link

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