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Mama's Eyes Lyrics

I am my father's son
I've never known when to shut up
I ain't foolin' no one
I am my father's son

We don't see eye to eye
I'll be the first to admit I've never tried
And sure it hurts but it should hurt sometimes
We don't see eye to eye

I was a young man when
I first found the pleasure and the feel of a sin
And I went down the same road as my old man
But I was younger then

Now it's 3 am and I'm standing in the kitchen
Holding my last cigarette
I strike a match and I see my reflection in the mirror in the hall
And I say to myself:

I've got my mama's eyes
Her long thin frame and her smile
And I still see wrong from right
Cause I've got my mama's eyes

Yeah I've got my mama's eyes
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Apr 11, 2009
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Such a great song. I see a man who feels trapped, because he is becoming more like his father than he ever wanted to be. I don't know much about Steve Earle, but maybe he wasn't the best man/father in the world, and his son wants to be better than that, but can't seem to fight his genetics. But then when he catches his reflection, he finds hope and comfort in the fact that his father is not the only person in him; that he'll never be just like his dad because he's also like his mama.

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