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Yuma Lyrics

Well he woke up that morning
And he called into work
Put on his daddy's old suit
With a second hand shirt
All untucked, shoes untied
The people all snickered as he walked by.
So he stopped in a bar,
Bought a shot of Stevens and another.
He bummed a cigarette
And set talking to a stranger about the weather.
And then he paid his bill and
He stepped outside, fell down into the street.
He cursed, and he cried
As he climbed back up to his feet again.

So up the road he found a payphone and called his mom.
He said, momma I think I'll be coming back home.
I been feeling so bad, and tired of this city.
Ain't been the same since I lost my pretty Angelina.
Momma I miss her so.
It's been over a year and there ain't nothing I fear so much as being alone.
And then he hung up the phone without saying good-bye.
Stopped in a store and bought a postcard and signed it, Fare thee well, and sent it back home to Yuma.

Lookin’ back I'd say
It wasn't so much the girl
As it was the booze and the dope
And the way he took the weight of the world
Up upon his shoulders.
And when he washed the blue from his eyes
As he grew colder.
As through all those lonely nights there left alone.

So he was just 23 when he stepped out on that ledge.
It was his weary heart that pushed him to the edge.
He was tired of living life, looking for love.
A weary heart just needs a little touch.
And is it too much to ask, he cried as he stepped into the wind.
He turned his back onto the world and he fell back to earth again.
So with the wind in his hair, and smile on his face,
He crashed through the hood of an Old's 98,
And he lay there dying on a cold winters day
All alone, all alone.
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Jul 03, 2010
2 Meanings
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I think its about a man who can't get over the death of his wife. He moved to a new city and its been a year since the death of his wife and he's still not over it, he turned to booze and drugs but it didn't work. He contemplates going home but doesn't for whatever reason, and instead he decides to take his life by jumping off of a building.

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One of the best songs ever wrote..

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