...fuck what they all say,
niggas can't stop me with rumors, I'm turning strong, all day
Socks is loaded, sweatpants pockets is bulging,
holding it down on the corner of my block posing
My spot is known to drop the price of the coke and,
blow the competition out, let the dough flow in
Cops is closing in, I could do the time,
but, what's really on my mind, ain't no hoes in the pen
I play the low and, try to make it hard to find me,
feds still trying to build the case since '93


Yo, moves is made, niggas is paid, that's just how it is,
when my time is up, I'ma be out, but I'ma try to live
I'm eating day by day, ain't nothing sweet about it,
act like you don't know what I'm saying, then you'll read about it
Built for war like the armadillo,
smother your ass, put two through the pillow, cause my shit is realer
Manic depressive, and my head hurt,
yo, give me your dough, and your ho, and here, take these four
Hot things, I got things that make niggas spin,
put niggas in the wind, where you'll never see niggas again
I'm blessing niggas with stitches, the thin type,
and the straight razor will put pinstripes, across your windpipe

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Freestyle vs. Jay-Z song meanings
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