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Hands in the ground
Buried traces of sound scream

Hem in the seed
Water to salt
Salt into rain

Tender the swine
Carry the hare and the barrow home

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    Song MeaningI think this song is based on Knut Hamsun's novel Growth of the Soil. It's the story of a peasant named Isak going into the wilds and building a farm out of nothing. He's a 'born carrier of loads' and 'barge of a man.' He is eventually joined by his hare-lipped wife, Inger. He's away bringing stuff up from town when she bears a child with a harelip, and she twists her neck around and buries the body in the woods so that her daughter wouldn't grow up with the harelip that made Inger an outcast growing up. She believes that her child was born with a harelip because a Lapplander passing by showed her a dead hare shortly before the birth.

    I take the 'buried traces of sound scream' to mean merely that there is a buried trace, not that Isak himself buried it.

    A great deal more happens in the novel but this seems like a good fit to me. The 'water to salt / salt into rain' bit seems to echo the point harped upon in the novel about the cycles of life, the idea being that the real meaning of immortality is in participating in these life cycles.

    Anyone who likes horse metal like Baroness ought to read this book.
    escioeon July 10, 2013   Link
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    My Interpretationsounds like this song is about working a field...
    Zacheeon April 09, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningZachee kinda nailed it. Though, I think when he sings "hands in the ground, buried traces of sound scream" he means that Isak killed someone on the field and buried him/her on the spot, perhaps the victim was still alive while being buried. And to make it look like nothing ever happened Isak spreads seeds all over the burial/murder site and then waters the area hoping the seeds will start to grow.

    Other than that it's really hard to tell since I'm not a native english speaker. The salt part and the last part are mysteries to me. The barrow can be a "large mound of earth or stones placed over a burial site" or it can be a "pig that has been castrated before reaching sexual maturity" which kinda makes senses since Isak is told to tender the swine.

    Maybe someone else with more insight will be able to clarify the whole song.
    trvlon November 09, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationThis one's completely open to interpretation but I think it's about a dude named Isak that respects the land and works his ass off for what he can get. Baizley seems like that kind of guy and it comes out in his lyrics a lot.
    LanerBon May 11, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI believe this is Baroness trying to make a "Mother Puncher" by Mastodon. It doesn't come close, but it's still good. Also, the end of "Bullhead's Lament" sounds the end of Mastodon's "Colony of Birchmen". In short, Mastodon - epic awesomeness = Baroness.
    agonyburnsredon November 13, 2009   Link

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