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Dethbryte song meanings
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    General CommentThe lyrics almost don't even matter when you have a voice this beautiful.
    InVegason August 20, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAgreed - Dax has got the most unique voice of my generation, and with Acid Bath screaming??? Incredibly versatile, too bad most people can't get down to the lyrics about death... Well as for a meaning, I would think this is - wait for it - about death! Lol go figure right? Well it seems like death is the main theme with Dax, and really you could relate that to the acid that he did, and how tripping can feel a lot like dying. I see this song as trying to explain that he has died in trips before, and seen what it is like to be dead. As in, "we will always be everywhere, everything". This means a few things - the theory that everyone/everything is interconnected at some quantum level is not at all ridiculous considering the scientific discoveries being made every day. I believe that he is saying that when we die we all go back to the state of being one with God, which is to be everything at once. I don't mean God as in the bearded white dude in the sky either. Like this song says, if death is as bright - like dying is becoming one with "the light" that is everything in existance.

    Dunno, I have been to that place before though, and most of Dax's songs remind me of the death trip(s) that I've had.
    BathedInAcidon December 23, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti think its about the universe. All this fades and reappears and we will always be everywhere everything. basiacaly saying we are an essence as everything else is the trees, mountains, water, grasss. no matter how we die and decay we always stay part of the universe. there is no true death when all we are made of is star dust.
    dreams tonight don't bleed it so white the fragile waves of days they break against the shore ,of all these years. days are fragile we only poses this physical form for a set amount of time. we cannot excape the death of our physical form.
    don't scream and bite don't bleed it so white if all death is as bright. death is a very buetifull thing once you get past the fear of it. you only get to experience it once in your life. and no one knows what lays beyong it.
    savogenoon September 23, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI don't know. I'm only a big fan, and this is to date my favorite song. He makes himself so vulnerable in all of his music, yet in this one when he wails it's nearly pathetic (in a good way i'm thinking, mind you). If it weren't for the main scheme of his (agreeing with BathedInAcid), death, i think he could surely go mainstream in the blues genre, or rather about as mainstream as one can therein. His newest album - Say Goodnight To The World - i'm also impressed with feeling as if he's grown leaps and bounds professionally since his early stuff, yet it seemed there was something lacking liken the way he done this song. I will keep listening to his work because it's stuff like this song that makes me respect him as an artist and not your run of the mill talent out of Louisanna.
    LezionCrafton December 29, 2010   Link

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