Here We Go Again Lyrics

You know what they say about getting older,
It's only a doorway away.
You know what they say about getting colder,
In the middle of the day.

You can live in the corner of my room,
And I will live somewhere between the ceiling and the wall.
And if I need anything at all
I'll call out to you,
That's what I'll do.

Oh here we go again (x4)

I'll sit out on the front sofa while your hands they talk to me
All of this dragging around it's not as fun as it used to be

Oh here we go again (x4)

All that I wanted all that I needed (x2)

Oh here we go again (x4)
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Oct 04, 2007
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All I remember is at Thebarton Theatre, before she sang it, she said about how it was about her and a boyfriend and about how they weren't really that close, or something. I guess it's pretty self explanitary. A love song, pretty cute :D

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Thebarton Theatre, oh no.. that means they've been to Adelaide and I missed it!!

Thanks Q12, I will keep an eye on their tours now... I think they're in the USA!!

Damn, come home!

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