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Pygmalism Lyrics

Sometimes when it rains
I get pictures in my brain
My programming fails
I go off the rails
I see asteroids flare between the moons
Of Uranus:
Momus and Vangelis

And when I go wrong
Herr Professor Pig
Comes to train my brain with a song
Singing 'Daisy Daisy give me your answer do'
'How much is that doggy in the window?'
'She was only a greengrocer's daughter '
'The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain'

You are my lover
You are my author
You are my father
I am your daughter
I'm your disaster
I'm your viagra
I'm going to beat you at chess
Then plant my dagger in your breast
You filled me with your breath and your jism
Now I've come to bring you death, pig

I only exist for Herr Professor Pig
As a figment of his huge imagination
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is the villain of them all?
The mirror will answer back 'Narcissus'
I'm your blessing but not your possession
Even what you make can drag you down

Sometimes in the night
I sing the songs Professor Pig has taught me
Cutting up with scissors
All the stupid sexy clothes he's bought me

Though my eyes are haunted
Though my memories have been implanted
No ancestors you can trace
An accent from no place invented

You're my creator
You're my employer
My violator
You're my destroyer
But remember that the things we whip can whip us
The things we make can break us
And the things we strip outstrip us
You filled me with your breath and your jism
You gave me life, I give you death, pig
2 Meanings
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I always thought it was "now I've come to bring you death...cake." haha

brilliant song. the depressing moog perfectly accompanies this strange...frankenstein-esque tale.

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Great song, found out about it and Momus because of Grant Morrison's Professor Pyg character in the Batman and Robin comic book, which is really great btw.

Anyway, the great thing about this song is that it looks at the Pygmalion myth as a dysfunctional tale of incestuous narcissism. Basically, Herr Professor Pygmalion falls in love with a statue and brings it to life expecting it to love him back, but the dual role of father and sexual lover incites the creation to rebel. But even then, at night she sings the songs Professor Pyg has taught her, even as she cuts up the stupid sexy (Flanders!) clothes he's bought her - she resists him but she's still scarred and can't completely escape him. It's just very wrong and horrible and I think it's also about the danger of being too selfish in love.

Also, the "Daisy Daisy" part is totally a reference to HAL 9000.

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