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A Planetary Discipline Lyrics

Do you realize thatthe planet you are residing
has undergone millions of changes throughout time?
Thousands of species have come and gone.
Earth is just a planet of testing and we are just an
unwitting subject. We're no more than science in motion,
a regeneration of alien beings.
We are the clones of a race that is dying, a race that has
sought the help of the emperors. Those who live inside of our
vital sun, "lease" our planets to other forms. In the sun,
there's a world that is filled with a breed whose motivation
is self preservation - they will trade our planets use for
secrets of healing, which discovered by the races that have
dwelled forever in this solar system
these beings often have to face death!
Trading - with the emperors inside the sun,
Hoping - testing can save their species form devastation,
And they - are performing tests currently.
To save - billions of humans hundreds of years away.
They have cloned us from their DNA,
perfect copies - through years behind
Same diseases - we suffer as
they try to cure a multitude of conditions
They are "happy" that we have found a vast range
of cures aiding regeneration.
They are surprised their experiment, has yielded so
much discovery, but still they battle the major forms...
They are fighting cancer, and all its various types
This along with AIDS is the taker
of life on the planet they're from.
We feel, as if we're controlling our future,
blind fucks - deluded species,
We think - we are ruling the planet we call earth,
its name - cannot be spoken to us,
In this century the "lease" expires,
which means - we face extinction.
When the test is over the emperors will prepare
the planet for future forms,
Who can trade a valuable secret,
they will inhabit this very soil.
Destined - to be discarded once they're done,
We are - casualties of a system without any saviour,
It ends - when the emperors decide it does,
Through an - obliterating shower of meteors.
Do you realise that the stones that are
floating in our cosmos can be directed?
They are controlled, by those beasts who are
living inside the sun endogenous system.
Previously, dinosaurs were a race from a
system who conquered their sicknesses,
Akin to them, we will be struck by a rock that
will spell the ending of our existence.
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This song is about how Earth is nothing but a science experiment, and that the scientists watch over our every move from their control station in The Sun. Interesting song...

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