Sleep, for, life
Fear shreds, your internal logistics system
You are just a pawn/fool, driven by a disturbance
inside your mindscape
It is, the consuming unknown that awaits you
And you, cry, for you cannot escape the ache
The void is nearly here
Nerves are, tested by a circumstance invented by the
Mere existence of our world
You can feel that there's something more than just
Progressing life while
You neighbour will deny, deny, deny!
You awaken and you're shaken by the dim reality that
Becomes you, and consumes your mind
That death is real and you will soon hold it in
An embrace so tight you can't let it go.
You want to believe in something higher
Social derision, blindfolded vision, need for decision
Nothings eternal, belief is infernal, you god is internal.
You may not exist soon so enjoy it while you can.
The power is in your hands in that
deciding moment of your sad life. Controlled by
A thing called time only fates forces can decide.
Rotting before you've even died swept away by the
Fear inside, sleep, lie!
This is, something they don't tell anyone when
They're born but, once you think for yourself your test
Begins! If you try you can suffer less if you deny,
Looking at the sky, sky, sky!
You can read someone else's way of getting by ,but
You'll have to buy, buy buy!
It will soothe your pain, 'till you wake again
You will feel the reign, of the dark
They all believe in lies, lies, why?
Is it so hard for them to see, logical reality, we bleed,
We die, there's nothing once you've finished life.
Tearing knife, wrists are sliced, decreased time
Those who can't defy.
It is just a door that opens and swallows you inside.
You are just another one of us don't think you get to decide.
Don't think you'll wander somewhere when
You're rotting in the ground.
You'll be where there's nothing called taste,
Sight, feel or fucking sound.
Don't waste time, savour your life, it's all you have
As part of "man", now is the time to live for!
You are your guide for there's no-one but you
Who can tell you how to be.
I fear death so don't feel alone,
I don't judge those who cry.
We are all brothers in metal we already rule the world now
Sleep, you're free!
The colour of sleep

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    General CommentPretty inense shit. I really love this album; probably their best, but I've yet to examine the rest of their discography as closely as I have this The Scepter Of The Ancients.
    havana4saleon October 05, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis song is pretty much saying that there is no god, no heaven. and how we all could die at anytime.

    i'm an agnostic, and even I find this pretty depressing....
    KillingArt626on August 06, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree with KillingArt626.

    I like the like line where he says:
    "Don't waste time - savour your life - it's all you have"

    It speaks for itself.
    dennmetalon September 11, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt's an anti-religion anthem
    Anilandon November 06, 2006   Link
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    General CommentFor fuck sake, spell the song title right. They are an Australian band, and over here we spell the word as "colour". And seeing as they song is "The Colour of Sleep" on the actual album, so it should be here aswell.
    mcnuggetpieon December 07, 2006   Link
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    General Commentoops sorry about that. not sure why i didnt put the U in there. I'm an aussie too so i feel bad.
    The Tree of Lifeon December 08, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthere all fixed now
    The Tree of Lifeon December 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentPsycroptic is definitely a very unique and original band, especially their vocals. I love the lyrics to this song.
    Mr_Smackon June 09, 2008   Link

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