the opposite viewed in real time

I watched men return to their destruction
reversed ruin in the puzzle of time
I watched the bullets fly in wrong directions
enter the guns that first fired them

backward flying planes.
they must have been a sight to see

missiles torn and taken back
to the men ordered to harm me

the knife repairs the wound
the eraser creates the line
beginnings fit into an hour
opposites viewed in real time

wake up:
dazed on the battlefield
shells scatter and run away
this place is familiar. it's where I grew up.

the earth was created with a bomb.

it slips away. that is true.
time does fly, but where does it go to?

my crippled pride before you burns
I am but a weak shell of existence
on a calendar
marked and dated for my return

Lyrics submitted by iLL Ronald

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    General CommentOf course, I think we can all agree this is a reference to battle in war.

    However...I took a little something extra from this piece, and I plan on dwelling over a deeper meaning in the song.

    "I watched the bullets fly in wrong directions
    enter the guns that first fired them"

    That lyric, for some reason, gave off a different meaning - something along the lines of this:

    A quarrel, to say the least, where the two are arguing with each other; However, their negative energy is focused incorrectly. The reason they are fighting has nothing to do with the one they're engaged in an argument with [I watched the bullets fly in wrong directions].

    The next line brought a sense of them eating their words and taking them back, learning that they did wrong, and all of that hate they gave off is coming back to hit them. [enter the guns that first fired them]

    I'm sure that has nothing to do with the purposeful meaning of the song, but it was just a little tidbit I picked up from it.

    I'm sure if I picked at the song long enough I could make it fit with what I captured from it, but that's the beauty of music - there can be a myriad of meanings thought of a song other than the original.
    bluxshadowson July 22, 2007   Link

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