"Transparent" as written by Lee Duck, Jerry Roush, Zack Ordway, Johno Erickson and Kenny Schick....
The city slipts.
Imperfections high as mountains block my view of you.
Forget your past as I only wanted you love me too.
Me too. I know I won't tell another mistake.

Embrace what comes.
You can't try, stretch yourself thin.
When will this end? You're on your own.
Listen to the guys you think you need.

Oh baby please, you gotta dis-aim.
I suspect that I'm being replaced.
I guess it's just a material game.
What is that hearted look on your face? Because, I can't live this way.

I try. Try to kiss my fate.
Take what's there, to my death.
Help me. Take what's there, to my death.
Everyday, that goes past without your face.

All I want is out of reach. I can't reach.
You took this all from me. Now I want it back.
That was your chance. Now you are gone for good.
Come on, come on.You know that I'll find regret.

It's your's for the taking. Come on, come on.
This is not worth the waiting.
The streets run red with guys you ever did.
And they still get to hell. Now I watch your life dissent to hell.

Come on, come on. I'll sip it all down the [unknown].
I'm your's for the taking.
Forgot our past, as I only wanted you to move on too.
No one needs you to move on. I'm moving, I'm moving on.

I can't live this way. That was your chance.
I'm standing still and there's nothing that I can reach.
With no one here to linch on.
Reach. Savor this moment. Tomorrow is long.

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"Transparent" as written by Johno Erickson Jerry Roush

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    General Commentid like to make a couple of corrections that i hear

    in the first bit i think its
    'you can stretch, stretch yourself thin
    when will this end, you're on your own'

    then in the next part, instead of come on, come on
    *lets see if youre worth your waiting*
    i think its 'come on come on lets see if you're worth your weight in gold'

    then the part directly after that i hear ' the streets run red with .... now i watch your life decend into hell'

    i hoped that helped, this is my fav from them btw, the awesomest song out!!!
    no.hxc.dancingon August 01, 2008   Link
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    General Commentnah nah man its "you get tricked, stretch yourself thin"

    and yea its "weight IN gold" not OF

    then in the beginning its "the city splits"

    then in "oh baby please, you've got a disease" i dont hear an s on the end of that, ive done alot of dictionary searchin to find a word to fit what im sure im hearin, dissain isnt a real word, and i ended with the word dissave- which means to use savings for current expenses- which i think goes with the message ebin portrayedso the line would go "oh baby please, you gotta dissave"

    then "embrace what cold is" i believe its "embrace what could be" or else it wouldnt rhyme wit that next verse where dissave is the last word

    the last "i can live this way" is "can't"

    ive spent alot of f'in time tryin to figure out these lyrics, i even messaged the band for the official ones, they said its in the book wit the actual cd, ive been usin torrents for i donno how many years now, havnt paid a red cent for music in a long time, but this is is my fav song off the album too and its been buggin the shit out of me for the past week not know what hes syain....so here u go....
    PureKaneon August 16, 2008   Link
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    General Commentone mo thing, with the "im moving, im moving on" i hear "im moving on, moving on"
    PureKaneon August 16, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"i guess it's just a part of your game" a --> all
    PureKaneon August 16, 2008   Link
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    General Commentairplanes all up in the skys space, fuckin gets eatin mayne, dont fuck wit the skys space
    PureKaneon August 17, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti love the music at the end.
    it's sorta creepy. xD
    noreturnabysson June 30, 2009   Link
  • -3
    General Commentwat kinda name is sky eats airplane?
    JonasRulz77on August 16, 2008   Link

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