The first step’s so called education,
Next chapter is assimilation we keep you pacified so you will follow
It’s a stand in line conglomerate
In a bigot worship mortuary

We keep you satisfied so you will swallow
It’s just beginners luck if you get out
It’s just beginners luck if you get out
This finely fashioned fairy tale
Spins a web that’s indestructible
And rife with lies
Soothe your sense til’ your mine

Next we bring intimidation,
Social status segregation
Where you all justify and play consumer
Fear works further toward division,
Indiscriminate spastic decisions
We keep you paranoid, so you will struggle
It’s just beginners luck if you get out
It’s just beginners luck if you get out
This finely fashioned fairy tale
Spins a web that’s indestructible
And rife with lies
Fill your pockets now your mine

And if you can’t find a vein, I’ll be the medicine
I’ll be the medicine for you
My love only you, my love

We weave a tale of our stark heroics,
Swaying the public from our bully pulpits
Create illusions for imperial schemes,
Poor against the poor for democracy
While we rape that word with a swift incision
Snatch up the poverty to fill up the prisons
Boost economy with perpetual war,
And everything you buy only feeds us more

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    General CommentI FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!
    x_soulrebel_xon November 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!
    x_soulrebel_xon November 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentLet me first give a special thanks to the above commenter. I bet you do love this song but, do you care even a little what the song means? Do you understand all that this song speaks of? Why do you love this song? Because it depicts the world we "live" in today. The horrible truth that people are threatened by their own government every single day of their lives. The fact that people are controlled by the media. So much so that they will spend above and beyond their income and fall into debt just so that they can see MTV (which should change their title considering that there is no music videos on that channel anymore.) in high definition on their plasma screen televisions. These kinds of humans are known as consumerists. They have been brainwashed into thinking that that is what they need to be happy. In a sense they are buying their fears away.

    If you actually look at the lyrics…you’ll notice that Matt is singing as though he is the government laying down their plans to take over the country. The first step is SO CALLED education. Then you are to conform to everyone else and stay in a tranquil state so that they can control your actions. They keep you satisfied with plasma screen televisions so you can watch fox “news” in high definition and thoroughly believe everything they tell you. Right after this is the chorus where its beginners luck if you get out of the strong hold of the government and their mind manipulating ways. He goes on to say that this is just a finely fashioned fairy tale that spins an indestructible web filled with lies, where each lie breeds new lies to cover. Next is the intimidation that the government brings to force you to comply and conform. And how we are socially segregated into these arbitrary classes. Where you think of some dumb reason for this madness and just play consumer to make yourself “happy”. The more fear that the government inflicts upon us the more divided we will be in a sense because we won’t ever want to join together and fight for what is truly righteous and justified if were afraid of the consequences. Indecisive decisions will be made that are so wrong and random that it can’t be the real thing, war for instance. They will keep you paranoid so you’ll struggle thorough life and only be concerned for your own safety/security by putting locks on all your doors, cameras all over your house, alarms, etc. Fill your pockets now your mine, the more you buy the more you loose. If you can’t find a vein I’ll be the medicine, he‘s saying that you don’t need pills and other drugs all you need is love.

    The last part is about how on fox “news” for instance everyday they show multiple heroic events where the oh so brave police come and save the day so you think to your self “what would we do without them” (we wouldn’t be shot 50+ times on a whim that’s for sure). They will distract you with religion, and tell you things like “we are winning the war on terrorism” and you’ll eat it up. Poor will kill the poor in this democracy, which is a word they will brain wash you with. They’ll take the poverty to jail, as if they don’t have it bad in the first place. And fight wars to boost the economy and give billionaires more plasma screen televisions than you could ever imagine. EVERYTHING YOU BUY “THAT YOU DON’T REALLY NEED” ONLY FEED US MORE.

    Overall this song explains it self but I feel that some people purposely ignore the lyrics because they are captive by the beat.


    All over the place, from the popular culture to the propaganda system, there is constant pressure to make people feel that they are helpless, that the only role they can have is to ratify decisions and to consume. – Noam Chomsky
    SMUSER17106149on January 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSKEPSIS, i can totally agree with you that too many people enjoy a song and don't take enough time to understand a meaning of it. anyway...

    our society is too focused on materialistic ideas of life. feeling that if we get enough things or reach a certain peak in fame that we will feel complete. the thing is people will never feel complete with this. love is necessary for our society to work, but that's a concept that so many have distorted and abused that just saying 'lets just love' is not going to convince many.

    i agree with some things the previous commentor said, but i think that the police do a lot more good than you make it out to sound. we live in an evil world occupied by our evil human nature as well.
    complete anarchy away from some sort of protection is insanity. maybe you have not experienced this part of life? anarchy would only be fun for the first few minutes before the utter chaos insues.
    you have to understand that we actually have a better country to live in than most do. some people live day to day threatened by mass genocides like in africa. the problems are with everyone, not just the government.

    there is potential for good in people but it is not always fulfilled. To make it sound like only the government is full of evil people is an absurd statement. people are the same wherever you go. there are good people in the government, there are bad people too.

    the media is biased no matter where you turn. so to use fox as an example because it has less liberal biased doesnt mean that all the other news channels have the right message. they will say anything to keep you watching. it's the citizens job to get a better look into events happening through more than one source, than to look just at the purely liberal or conservative biased media stations.

    my main point, if you live a life full of paranoia about propaganda and conspiracy, you won't have time to enjoy what little time you do have on this crazy planet, no matter if it really is going on in some instances or not.

    One Love.
    HeartlessNewon March 12, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthave you ever even listened to an rxb song "heartlessnew"? you are the epitome of everything matt is frustrated about in his songs how can you say something so selfish that we should ignore the worlds problems and enjoy what little time we have on this planet what about our children? future generations? they may not have a home we may have already destroyed it everyone is so conditioned it makes me sick they NEED to be paranoid because fucked up things are going on and i know you think that our country is a great place to live and blah blah blah but the truth is that we all live in the same place earth. and i know you may be content with your situation but you need to grow up and look what we have done to become this "great country". and i dont think it matters if the news is biased liberally or conservatively its what is chosen to be reported thats fucked the only stories that are published are stories that sell to them it doesnt matter if the story is embellished biased exaggerated gruesome or even true and you know why? because people still choose to read it. what we really need to do is stop and think about what were doing and where were headed realistically and stop letting money control influence and motivate our decisions people need to stop buying things and delve into themselves for personal improvement we will only feel complete or whole with spiritual accomplishments

    i also agree with soul rebel. skepsis how do you know he/she only liked the beat(which is a sick beat cus chris tsagakis is fucking nasty) maybe he/she just didnt want to write down his/her thoughts on the song i mean was what he/she said false? lighten up it is a fucking awesome song musically and lyrically the rx bandits are by far my favorite band of all time
    starttobleedon July 19, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSkepsis and Heartlessnew you guys both made great points. Ever since first hearing about the Rx Bandits and then reading the lyrics to the song "Sell You Beautiful" I've been totally awestruck by the words in their lyrics. I really think the title is interesting in this song."Tainted Wheat". I did a research paper on Genetically Modified Organisms or "Genetically Fucked Foods" and I showed a lot of evidence for corruption in the food industry. I think the song is particularly talking about the food and health industries and how they are so corrupt that they are killing thousands of Americans (America is where these industries are most fucked up of all). Heartless I know its tempting to be a cynic. To say "the world has gone to hell. I'm going to live life and love and be a good person despite the fact." You have to change it when its this bad because its not worth living in if you don't change it.
    3kixinteheadon September 21, 2007   Link

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