Got my headlights shining
Down an old dirt road
Smoke my cigarettes
I should quit, I know

The radio's playing
Old country songs
Someone's leaving
Someone's cheating
On and on

I think I might like
The quiet nights
Of this empty life

'Cause someday, maybe somebody
Will love me like I need
And someday I won't have to prove
'Cause somebody will see
All my worth but until then
I'll do just fine on my own
With my cigarettes
And this old dirt road

The elected lovers
Could not survive
I wonder if you miss me
'Cause I know I tried

But I think that maybe
The thing that I did wrong
Is put up with this bullshit
For far too long

I think I might like
The quiet nights
Of this empty life


I ain't gonna sleep
I don't want to dream
About the things that I used to be
I ain't gonna cry
Don't wanna live a lie
I'm just gonna drive
Oh, oh

'Cause someday maybe somebody will love me
And someday I won't have to prove


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"Cigarettes" as written by Jessica Harp

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    General CommentThere really is nothing like a solitary cigarette while you're tooling down a two-lane dirt highway, the sun beating down on your knuckles as they grip the elongated steering wheel of a '54 Caddy... Just f*ckin' drive
    AmoebaCheebaon June 02, 2006   Link
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    General Commentshe just got out of a bad relationship and she would rather be alone then deal with someone who doesnt respect her. she is obviously hurt because she is smoking, doesnt want to sleep, and wonders if he misses her..but sometimes things are just better when you're alone..
    jennlinon December 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI really relate to this song right now. I think it's just about realizing that people aren't what you thought they were. You aren't the problem, they are. It's hopeful though. I know I'm just fine driving and smoking on my own.
    Marlee_Son November 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI have never related to a song more in my life!! She just got out of a very dysfunctional relationship with a guy who didn't appreciate or respect her and, even though she knew it all along, she couldn't bring herself to get out of the relationship for a long time because she was so comfortable. So she just kept putting up with his "bullshit." She finally had enough and ended it and now she's alone and she obviously misses him and wonders if he misses her. She's hurting... but not nearly as much as she was when she was with him. So she's just gonna try to work through it and hope she find someone who truly appreciates her someday. :(:(
    SecretLoveon December 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIts funny cause this CD came out when i was going through a break up... and it was playing randomly and it was the most perfect song as i drove away from a bad realationship smoking a square. Great song.
    zojunioron July 15, 2009   Link
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    General CommentMaybe he did his bullshit because he thinks smoking is disgusting and wanted her to quit doing it ("I should quit, I know") if that is what caused the relationship to end. It sounds like its's about an addict who had gotten out of a relationship with a man who happened to be one of those types of people who thinks that smoking is disgusting and he kept telling her she had to quit ("I should quit, I know" again). If something else ended the relationship in case the man either was a smoker also or was a hypocrite who made her quit when he did it himself, then she's just taking his rejection out on her lungs.
    seeingon February 27, 2016   Link

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