Fast Crew
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Yo, yo, if you're loving hip hop say i do, i do,
mix it up with some rock it's the crew, it's the crew,
and we're leaving one option for yall, ok, ok,
and you know we ain't do this no other way,
when the cats gone,
that's when them haters come out to play,
not today son, as long as we're here no freakin way,

[Kid Deft]
i strike back with a mike rap, and write rap
tighter than bike pants
been tight since my first mic check and i'm like that
check it like a new nike hat
when i burst my set
the best you see is the worst i get
flawless, regardless
that's why they call us tyrannasaurous artists
we step to farthest, tear up the scene, like a terradactyl's carcass
yeah i been down since before my fore fathers
jumped off them port barge's, destroy haters
we avoid them like court cases
leave all of the tort hatred inside of these book pages
these crazy caucasians give you all of the more reason
to love rap music for all of the four seasons
so i double the rhyme
brother i will never will fumble my line
there ain't no trouble of mine
i line you up and rumble you one at a time
it's the incredible Kid Deft
and i'm puttin my level of skill to the test
till there ain't no body here left
and all you hear is the sound of my breath


now james dean was pretty bad
but i'm double the rebel
raising the level
listen products, pumpin the bass and treble
d-r-b - never cruise past the last dude in the classroom
my brain will overload and explode like a crash boom
we be the fat beat brigade
aka rhyme collectors
all care no responsibilty when i get reckless
so check this, my technique is jack the rippers
rhymes cut you close like my remington clippers
and i speak clearly with a stutter,
but i used to mumble (mumble)
i'll make your whole empire crumble
i'm humble
i won't hesitate to act out
laugh at any clown
leave me stumblin to the ground
but we never back down
and if it happen to be
that you love hip hop more than me
you become one of the team
with 'fast crew' printed up upon your tee
it's the incredible f-c's
complete with mic's and decks
we're here to make ya bump ya head till ya break ya fuckin necks


[Jerome Fortune and Becks]
what's my name?
and what's yours?
and we be coming up trying to send yall this message,
who's on the scene?
Fast, who's be the team?
Crew, who stole ya dream?
Fast crew that who
now if you thought the beat sounded like it was high on drugs
or if you thought the dude who wrote it came straight from the club
you were probably right
i wasn't sober that night
hell i might have even gone to far and endangered my life
but i'm back to rock the cradle
so plug in all the cables
if your crew was audio - i'd grab the mix and start to fade you
if your stuck up
then shut up
cos we be kickin mud up
jerome and b-recka
like clay and rueben studdard?
And if you critics don't go back and start to pack your luggage
i be coming for your girl
and i be coming for your husband
and that's something kind of rugged
yo i'm on my monthly
jerome and b-recka
this shit is getting ugly


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