"Karma Flavored Whisky" as written by Gregory Scott Bergdorf, Matthew S Lewis, Ben Osmundson, Ali Tabatabaee and Edwin Bjorne Udhus....
If this is it, then I've given all i can
The road that leads to nowhere has fallen in my hands
If this is it, then the needle has been found
The haystack is long gone and the world's turned upside down

I see right through you
Everything you do
Leech on the side of me
Covert hostility-your negativety
Drains to get what you need
Your vampire logic
Turned out tragic
Lost your meal ticket to feed
Karma got to you
Ego ate through you
Nothing left to do but bleed
Now out come the wolves!

Cave in, just surrender
You know you're already six-feet down
Cave in, just surrender
Cuz you have nowhere to go but down
Right now, it's over!

Your friends
Call them yes men
Ain't always the best men
To trust in or to believe
The credit you were taking
Let's just call it faking
Is obvious, everyone can see
Got a good ride on our coat tails
Now it's time to set sail
And leave you tied up to the tree
Karma got to you
Ego ate through you
Nothing left to do but bleed
Now out come the wolves!


Out come the wolves!
Come and get it
They can smell it
Fear is what controls you
If you let it
It will Divot
Your entire soul through
They're on to you

Chorus X2

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    General CommentIt's about Justin
    Sammooon February 04, 2008   Link
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    General Commentsweet song!
    colinodellon January 10, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis is about someone (ZH) whose friends were being manipulated by his/her rival. ZH saw through the ruse immediatly, but couldn't prove it. At the beginning, ZH discovers the proof and shows it to the manipulatees (the wolves), who proceed to get revenge on the antagonist. Most of this song is ZH waxing anger at the antagonist and listing his/her faults.
    TwilightPaladinon February 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentOK, I just saw the new video for it on the band's MySpace page, and I must say it's AWESOME! The video itself turns the title of the song literal, but I won't spoil it for anyone.
    TwilightPaladinon April 10, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song is amazinggggg.
    taylerx0on June 17, 2007   Link

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