"Do You Wanna?" as written by and Joshua Ryan Radin....
I've been down this road before
I walk out the door
Leave you on the floor
Sometimes you run and hide
Your foolish prides
What keeps me from giving you more

So the best thing
I can give to you
Is for me to go
Leave you alone
Cause you got growin' up to do

Some day I'll return when it's time
For payment in kind
The church bells'll chime
You'll stand before me surrounded by lights
Dressed in white
You'll throw flowers in the air
This night


Looks like the rain's pouring down on me
It's drowning me now
All I want is to come back home
This old corduroy coat
It's not keeping me dry
But I can't think of what else to try

[Chorus: x2]

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"You Got Growin' Up To Do" as written by Joshua Ryan Radin

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Do You Wanna? song meanings
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    General CommentOkay. I have two completely biased interpretations because they both tie into my life right now.

    *First: It could be about a good friend/ lover trying to help someone work through a drug addiction.
    "your lights are turned down low
    and your skin feels about to tear
    and you is no sound
    and all i am is frightened for you now
    'cause you run and"

    Kind of reminds me of withdrawals and the struggle with addiction. "How can I show you that you're done?" He wants to show her that it's enough. That the superficial connections she's made with artificial chemicals isn't worth it and it's not everlasting. Love is everlasting. And that's what he has to offer her. "holding on to moments that won't last" - Like a high. It only lasts a little while.

    "Picking up the pieces from your past
    But there's nothing more to gather"
    -She wants things to go back to the way they used to be before all the turmoil. But you can't undo what has already been done. And her life is too shattered to piece back together at this point.

    "holding on to moments that won't last
    or would you rather end it all
    do you wanna?"
    -Do you want to hold onto this high? This moment? This superficial connection with drugs or people that don't care for you at all? Or do you want it to end? Is death the only solution? Or can you at least try to reverse the damage as best you can and start over?

    *Second: It could be about a girl that's stuck in a committed relationship that is kind of working out okay except for the fact that she's falling in love with the singer.

    "picking up the pieces from your past
    but there's nothing more to gather"
    - Could be a reference to how she's trying to save her relationship and isn't allowing herself to accept the fact that maybe someone else can make her happier.

    "no one believes you smile alone"
    -People are beginning to suspect the girl of cheating perhaps.

    "you wanna retrieve your high on the phone"
    -The high she gets from talking to the singer on the phone is what pulls her through the situation.

    "but when you hang up all I wanna do is help you to
    pick up the pieces from your past
    but there's nothing more to gather"
    -The singer is happy to be that important to her and holds on to the tiniest slimmer of hope that maybe she will choose him. But in the end all he wants is for her to be happy... So he wants to help her pick up the pieces of her doomed relationship so that she can at least be at peace with herself and know that she tried.

    "sitting there is him
    he has your eyes
    calling you to somehow join them
    and you're writhin' in your skin
    and buyin' his lies
    not realizing that you're home
    won't you come home and"
    -Quite easy to relate both of my interpretations to this particular verse.

    Anyway. Like I said; Both my interpretations are extremely biased. But, they work I think.
    Either way... It all comes down to one general interpretation.
    It's about a person that is faced with a very important decision and they have someone to rely on and trust to help them through.
    AnarchyAndion December 06, 2009   Link

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