Oh doubt in the girl by your side
She's feeding your pride
As you go for a ride down the star mile

Worlds arise as she lets you come in
A duo begins
To the Hollywood din of lonely

And all the gold dust in her eyes won't reform into rain
You had and lost the one thing
You kept in a safe place
Remember the face
Of the girl who had made you her own
And how you left her alone

All's well at the base of the hill
You might need to fill
A prescription to kill off the silence.

Look down from your tower on the high
And take in the night
Look her right in the eye she'll listen


Life comes to those that are true
The regular news
Over playing the blues with the light on

And if you burn the road that'll lead you back to her in time
I'll watch you turn to stone
Can't find the sublime

She's moving on without you
The tide breaks
You watch the stars fade
They gather you back to their home
I guess it's better than being alone

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Star Mile Lyrics as written by Joshua Ryan Radin

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    General Comment

    To me, this song is about a man who reached fame and fortune as a musician. He's reached an epiphany while cruising down the star mile (Hollywood walk of fame) with a girl in the passenger seat next to him whom he can tell is only with him for his fame and fortune...and not who he really is. She's hoping to end up his wife, but he says the "gold dust in her eyes won't reform into a wedding ring". He's thinking of a girl he loved that he left behind when he became famous, knowing it couldn't work. He knows, sadly, that he will never find another woman who will love him for himself that way again and he's reflecting on this with bitter sadness. Hey - he can fill a prescription to kill the pain and at least he's not alone in being ultimately lonely - he's got his famous friends, who all feel the exact same pain he feels living in an exclusive, privileged, fake world that lies at the pinnacle of fame and fortune.

    To me, the key line in the whole song is: "life comes to those that'll choose the regular news over playing the blues with the light on"

    It means that life can be enjoyed most fully in the anonymousness of being able to walk down the street and have no one know your name and to settle for a mediocre life of 9-5's and watching the evening news and that finding someone to love you for YOU is next to impossible in tinsel town.

    dresdendollon May 31, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    This is about a girl being in love with a boy, but the boy doesn't even see her. She thinks the world of him but he just gets more high and mighty about himself. Then the girl moves on, finally, and then the boy realizes that she was all he had... and how is world is over now because he took her for granted.

    "You had and lost the one thing you kept in a safe place. Remember the face of the girl who made you her own and how you left her alone..."

    it_girl_ragDOLLon April 14, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    if thats true, then sadly, thats me. one of the hardest feeling is beliveing someone is so right for you in every way, even their flaws would do you good, and not being able to have them

    youngandnloveon April 17, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    I agree. It could also be about not just a little crush, but an actual relationship. The guy means the world to her, and she tries her hardest to make it work, but he just doesn't see her efforts and doesn't try to see anyone except himself.

    Or maybe I'm biased; because that's way too fucking like what's happening to me right now, ha.

    scattered_miseryon June 10, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    I do think this might be talking about a relationship. Maybe the two actually did have feelings for each other, the girl more so than the guy. I was thinking that the guy felt all holier-than-thou because he became popular/successful and really forgot about the girl who had been there for him and helped him... That's just my interpretation... could be seriously wrong... or I might just be a little insane.. ;p It's a good song.. Knew the lyrics before I ever listened to it.. xD

    DayDreamer1119on June 10, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    Ah, I just think his voice is amazing in this song.

    ktache6on June 25, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    I agree with all of the above..especially DayDreamer's interpretation, and can definitely relate to the bittersweetness of this song (from the girl's point of view). This song is so touching. These lines: "Remember the face / Of the girl who made you her own / And how you left her alone" are, well, exactly how I feel right now about someone. Also, I love the image of this line: "And all the gold dust in her eyes won’t reform into rain"

    ticklin iv0rieson August 01, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    I completely relate to this song, atleast judging from your song meanings. Oh man, Last Kiss is one of the best OST's I've heard. This song breaks my heart each time I hear it, absolutely wonderful mesmersia surrounds it. For fans of the artist, check out Sundrenched World too.

    benighted2006on August 25, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    I read on the joshua radin website that the line is "and all the gold dust in her eyes won't reform into a ring" which I think refers to the girl wanting to be with this guy so badly but wanting is not enough to be with him or to eventually marry him (referring to the ring)

    DaPuttyon September 01, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    When I started listening to this song, it sounded just like me and my ex, and I couldn't stop crying. I wish I could play it to him, though he didn't go to Hollywood, he just stayed in the city I used to live in and messed me around a lot, still trying to stay together but not. What I really wish I could tell him is "She's moving on without you", even though it doesn't stop the fact that I miss him. Terribly.

    basilcaton September 13, 2006   Link

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